Rev. Dr. Daniel Nalliah: Catch the Fire Ministries, Inc. - Australia; Founder of Rise Up Australia Party

Rev. Dr. Daniel Nalliah: Catch the Fire Ministries, Inc. - Australia; Founder of Rise Up Australia Party (2 DVD Set)



Part 1 - There is Graphic Content, Viewer Discretion is Advised - Dr. Hansen reads a portion of his newsletter "The Church is at War" - Dr. Nalliah shares how the Lord led him to start a new political party in Australia called Rise Up Australia Party (RUA) - God asked Dr. Nalliah if he was ready to see abortion changed in the Australian state of Victoria - In the 2013 Australian Federal elections the RUA party had a strong positive impact - RUA is a socially conservative party focused on nationalistic and Christian issues that opposes the spread of Islamic doctrine and same-sex marriage - Dr. Nalliah declared former PM Julia Gillard living in sin with a domestic partner, as well as MP Bob Brown for openly practicing homosexuality - Flash from God, protection from God being lifted for passing abortion legislation - God upset with His people for not fighting against abortion act - Queensland floods related to PM Kevin Rudd's comments against the state of Israel - Dr. Nalliah lived and ministered in Saudi Arabia for two years to learn about Islam and set God's people free - Having a Bible in Saudi Arabia can get you 70 lashes and talking to a Muslim about the Christian Jesus can get you beheaded - A good Muslim can never be a true Muslim and a true Muslim can never be a good Muslim - Mohammad of Islam personally beheaded 600-800 people - Several verses from the Qu'ran are displayed showing that Muslims must make war on unbelievers - Islamic teaching states that all infidels, unbelievers, must be killed for Allah to reign supreme - Allah of the Qu'ran is a generic Arabic name for any god, unlike the Allah of the Bible - Dr. Nalliah's 2002 court case against the Islamic Council of Victoria was because they said he offended the Muslim people - The Islamic Jesus is described as a destroyer of Jews and Christians, with quote from Qu'ran displayed.

Video of: Excerpt of Dr. Nalliah being interviewed on Australian television; The worst brush fires in Victoria, Australia history; The worst flooding in Queensland, Australia history; Saudi Royal Family visiting the Kaaba during Hajj; The interior of the Kaaba as recorded by a Saudi prince, including images of the Islamic sun and moon gods; The Mecca Royal Hotel Clock Tower; Saudi Arabian style beheading.

Photos of: Babies after they have been aborted; Australian Prime Minister with her partner of cohabitation; Australian MP Bob Brown and his homosexual partner; Medical manual pictures depicting partial birth abortion; Highway signs in Saudi Arabia directing non-Muslims away from Mecca; Islamic conference poster celebrating the 19 Muslim 9/11 attackers; Islamic minarets topped with various depictions of their moon god; Protests against Islamic persecution in Sudan and Egypt.

News articles: Behind Victoria's radical new abortion law; Born Alive & Left to Die; Julia Gillard and Bob Brown are carbon copies; Interview, Pastor Danny Nalliah, sued in Australia under Religious Hatred Laws; 'Jihad' evangelicals on trial; Pastor ridiculed Muslims; Pastors' convictions for quoting Quran overturned; Historic win in religious hatred case; Case Over 'Vilifying' Islam Settled; U.S. Attacked, Hijacked Jets Destroy Twin Towers And Hit Pentagon In Day Of Terror; Religious Freedom, When truth has no defence.

Part 2 - Video excerpt of Dr. Nalliah being interviewed on Australian television about the political party he started called Rise Up Australia (RUA) Party - Dr. Nalliah walks with strong enough faith to publically state the sins of an Australian Prime Minister that is cohabitating out of wedlock and a Member of Parliament that is openly homosexual - Multiculturalism is discussed for the evil weapon that it is; to silence the voice of God and His Word from being the light for a nation - Multiculturalism is a tool used by fundamental Muslims to force the host nation not to discriminate against Islam and to accept Sharia law - Multiculturalism is the greatest mistake used by western nations - Europe has gone into decline since they instituted multiculturalism because of Muslim threats of discrimination law suits for the disallowance of their culture - Admitting the Islamic culture means allowing Shariah law, four wives, 12 year old brides and female mutilation - France has over 700 Shariah law zones Where a white person cannot enter without being beaten - Great Britain has more than 80 Shariah courts and allows Muslim men to collect welfare payments for four wives and their children - The western birth rate is below the level needed to sustain native culture, while Islamic culture birthrate is exploding - Estimates predict Europe as being Islamic in about 30 years - Dr. Nalliah and RUA are advising the Australian government to stop using the term multiculturalism and begin to use multiethnic instead. The current Prime Minister followed that advice - Nazism and communism are man-made ideologies whereas Islam claims that Allah commands Muslims to dominate the world - Several verses from the Qu'ran are displayed showing that Muslims must make war on unbelievers - Dr. Nalliah shares his testimony of the Lord using him to raise a Buddhist girl from the dead and then leading 60 Buddhists to Jesus as their Savior after casting out the demon of death from the resurrected girl.

Photos of: Australian Prime Minister with her partner of cohabitation; Australian MP Bob Brown and his homosexual partner; John F. Kennedy and his quote of what you can do for your country; Automotive traffic in Kandy, Sri Lanka; Sri Lankan Buddhist shrine.

News articles: Nigel Farage, Promoting Multiculturalism 'Biggest Mistake' Europe Has Made; Merkel, Multiculturalism Doesn't Work; Homeland Security guidelines advise deference to pro-Shariah Muslim supremacists; U.S. troops forced to adhere to Shariah; Islamic Shariah Law Launches Tribunal in America; What's this? A country opposing Shariah?; European 'No-Go' Zones for Non-Muslim Proliferating; Native French under Attack in Muslim Areas; Shariah law to be enshrined in British legal system as lawyers get guidelines on drawing up documents according to Islamic rules.

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