Deborah Gliebe: Voyeurism (the psychosexual disorder) common in the Church today and God is about to expose it (DVD)

CODE: DVD050211


News articles of Japan earthquake & tsunami; Historic outbreak of tornadoes in southeast U.S. - The definition of voyeurism taken from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders III - Dr. Hansen's prophecy to America and its interpretation - The Lord has been showing Deborah Gliebe the "lukewarm" state of the Church, especially leadership - The Lord is going to reveal the sins of leadership (the "Achans" in the camp) - Deborah names three spirits that martial the Church (the ungodly trinity) - The Ichabod branded Church without the presence & power of God - Deborah appeals to viewers to allow God to clean out spiritual closets - Dr. Hansen rebukes the spirits of incest and sodomy in the TV audience.

(30 min.)