Dr. Art Coday - Candidate for U.S. Senate for Washington State 2012 (DVD)

CODE: DVD030512


Dr. Coday states the importance of having a free and moral society under God's statues to maintain freedom from government tyranny - Dr. Hansen and Dr. Coday discuss the importance of political leadership upholding God's laws - Dr. Coday shares that political actions taken by present leaders in U.S. federal government are such as we are intended for the destruction of a great nation - U.S. being used by globalists to bribe other nations to accept abortion and homosexuality in their nations or lose their financial aid - Dr. Coday is against same-sex marriage and abortion; agrees that homosexuality is sin and believes that Jesus Christ is God - News articles of: Courts calling Christians a threat to society; Government creating laws to persecute Christians; Obama's mocking Judeo-Christian values and moving U.S. into the N.W.O.; Obama's association with U.S. terrorist William Ayers; U.S. politicians guilty of treason; Obama not being a natural born U.S. citizen; Federal government removing state's rights; Obama contradicting himself about printing money to help economy; Engineered economic collapse to destroy sovereignty of America by Obama and other U.S. leadership, etc. - Pictures of Nazi persecution of Jews and Christians - Pictures of Dr. Hansen with U.S. political leaders and Dr. Hansen with top political leaders of Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Guyana, Israel, Jamaica, Kenya, Liberia, New Zealand, Rwanda, Sweden and Zimbabwe

(30 min.)