Dr. Bishop Wellington Mutiso at WMI Nairobi Office 4/27/18, "Correction for Cowardice" - Athi River First Baptist Church, Kenya with Bishop Mutiso 4/29/18 "2018 A Time for War and for Victory"

CODE: DVD072018


Dr. Hansen is working to establish of apostolic church leadership to unify the bride in Kenya to vote for kingdom leaders and values. Bishop Mutiso relates how Dr. Hansen rebuked him for cowardice in not standing up against Islamic courts during a time of constitutional revision. He acknowledges that the rebuke was done in the love of God and he treasures the memory of it. The church is given the responsibility to occupy; rule and reign nations or the people will suffer persecution from evil men. Bishop Mutiso recalls how Prophet Hansen spoke his prophecy to Kenya twice to church leadership of all denominations. He expounded about the prophecy until all the church leaders were scared. The church prayed for the nation, but without repentance. Tribalism still exists in the nation, with violence and bloodshed. 2018 is a year where heaven and earth are aligned for victory. Losing your hope and walking in doubt will cause the loss of your victory. Dr. Hansen shared how God exposed his selfishness after his wife died. When Dr. Hansen resumed his travels to minister to the bride, God healed his heart. The church's fight is against spiritual wickedness influencing wicked people. Dr. Hansen tells how God used him to bring leaders to repentance and restoration through words of knowledge. Dr. Hansen addressed Members of Parliament in Burundi for murder. Photos of: Dr. Hansen meeting with various senior church leaders; Dr. Hansen's prophecy to Kenya; WMI Nairobi Kenya Bible College and Dental Office; Kenya newspaper showing Dr. Hansen with former President, Vice-President and Prime Minister of Kenya; Dr. Hansen speaking on national television in Uhuru Park and with Reinhard Bonnke there also; Kenya newspapers showing the 2007 election violence and aftermath; Dr. Hansen visiting internal displacement camps during the 2007 post election violence; Dr. Hansen with the Burundi Ambassador to the UN. News articles: Convert from Islam in Kenya Beaten, Arrested; Kenya: Muslim students stab, beat Christian students for refusing to convert to Islam; Kenya's constitutional vote on Sharia courts pits Muslims against Christians; Congressman: Obama buying votes in Kenya; Obama's Kenyan activities called 'borderline criminal'.