Dr. Hansen and Stephen Pidgeon, 2012 Attorney General Candidate for Washington State discuss Pope Francis - Program 1

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Christians must tarry and wait on God for His power. Only the Church can unite Korea and bring peace to that nation and all nations. Preachers behind the pulpit have mostly become "Toothless Eunuchs." President Trump is encouraged to name sin for what it is; homosexuality, abortion and same-sex marriage. Will Britain survive, since the monarchy is turning away from faith in Jesus Christ? Britain is a second world power on the verge of being a third world power. The Catholic Church claims the apostle Peter as the first pope and Dr. Hansen exposes this lie through historical facts. The Catholic Church is more of a political world power than a religious power, bent on world domination. Pope Francis is described in Malachi’s prophecy as the last Pope that divides the church through heresy. When Dr. Hansen visits Israel, he gives a disclaimer that he is not a Catholic or of the Crusader beliefs, but a believer in Y'SHUAH/Jesus and a lover of Israel. Attorney Pidgeon named the true early Catholic Popes. Pope Francis has allowed a Muslim Imam to pray in the Vatican and he has prayed in the Blue Mosque in Turkey. America now has an opportunity to return to the "Protestant Work Ethic." Where the twin towers of Romulus and Remus stand, there is poverty present. The creation of the Knights Templar and the Jesuit orders is discussed. The Jesuit influence in the deterioration of society is discussed. Pope Francis is a Jesuit, a black Pope, and a white Pope; while another Pope still lives. Video of Dr. Hansen in prophetic prayer over North Korea's President Kim Jong Un at the DMZ. Photos of: Pope Francis praying next to Muslims at the wall dividing Israel from Muslim occupied territories; Dr. Hansen and Attorney Pidgeon together in Israel; Dr. Hansen with  top Israeli leaders; Examples of the Catholic towers of Romulus and Remus; Symbols of the Knights Templar; Founders of the Jesuit Order; Jesuit ties to Hitler and Nazism.  News articles: North Korea Warns Nuclear War Imminent; 'Betrayed': Governor reverses ban on men in women's bathrooms; The Fall of the British Royal Family; How the invasion of immigrants into every corner of England has made a mockery of PM's promise to close the door; The Last Pope?; Pope Urges Forming New World Economic Order to Work for the 'Common Good': From Antichrist to Brother in Christ: How Protestant Pastors View the Pope; Pope Francis Condemns Racism And Declares That "All Religions Are True" At Historic Third Vatican Council; Pope Francis signals support for legal recognition of same-sex 'civil unions'; A group of Catholics has charged Pope Francis with heresy. Here's why that matters.; Why did Pope Francis pray at the wall?; Book Paints WWII Pope As Hitler Ally - Author: Vatican Files Show Pius Hated Jews; Vatican makes history: Pope allows Islamic prayers, Koran readings; Imam made a Mockery of Pope Francis at Vatican Ceremony; Pope Francis prays alongside Grand Mufti in Istanbul's Blue Mosque; Video proves Canadian PM prayed at a mosque; Pope Francis Meets With Charismatic Church Leaders To Plan Return To Mother Church; Clergy and Lay Scholars Issue Filial Correction of Pope Francis; Pope Francis: 'Relationships With Jesus Are Dangerous And Harmful'