Dr. Hansen at Liberty Christian Centre, Nairobi, Kenya with Bishop Dr. Kepha N. Omae, May 14, 2017 Part 4

CODE: DVD081817


 Some people think that they can fool a true minister of God, expecting a comfortable word of blessing, prosperity or anointing. Dr. Hansen shares the bullet points of his prophecy for Kenya. The biblical definition of a fool is explained as it was shared to the President of Rwanda. The prophetic word given to Rwanda led to three days of repentance in the national stadium. Dr. Hansen challenges the church by saying it is time to lead and hold the politicians accountable to God. Bishop Omae leads the congregation in prayer of repentance. Dr. Hansen leads a song of victory in Key Swahili. Photos of: Dr. Hansen and his team meeting with leaders in his Nairobi, Kenya Bible School and Dental offices; he and his team at the home of the Vice President; him speaking at the church of a spiritual son; with leaders of the Maasai tribe; dedicating the baby son of his Maasai spiritual son; animals seen in his trip upcountry; visiting schools in slums that WMI is building.