Dr. Hansen Interviews Aslan, Minister to the Muslims in Turkey and Cyprus

Dr. Hansen Interviews Aslan, Minister to the Muslims in Turkey and Cyprus (DVD)

CODE: DVD071513


Aslan relates how the Turkey PM has removed/eliminated all secular Muslim leadership - Turkey is 99.99% Muslim out of a population of 79 million people - Aslan's wife had three Holy visitations by angels that asked, "Why didn't you go?" and the Holy Spirit taking the top of her head off and poured Himself in - After Aslan's wife's visitations, she and Aslan waited on the Lord and received dreams, visions and prophecy concerning being sent to Turkey - Aslan gives confession testimony how he went through repentance for using Holy Spirit instead of reverencing Him as part of the Triune Godhead - Aslan's testimony of leading a Muslim man who had seen the Jesus Movie 100 times to Jesus - Aslan shares of a pouring out of the power of God for salvation and baptizing of the Holy Spirit with evidence of unknown tongues spoken - Aslan shares a call to minister to the Cypriot Muslims of Northern Cyprus, for a training center for new Christians a refuge for persecuted Jews - Dr. Hansen's testimony of a Somali Muslim Woman's conversion to Christianity after Jesus appeared to her as she was attempting suicide - Aslan explains how many Muslims are coming to salvation in Jesus through Holy Spirit visitations and through the ministry of himself and his wife - Islam uses curses and has much demonic activity - Dr. Hansen shares how Muhammad believed he was demon possessed but his wife called him a prophet - Allah and the God of the Bible are not the same but complete opposites - Aslan shares how Muslims can receive Jesus as Lord and Savior and then leads in a sinner's prayer

Photos of: The Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey, as a Christian church and after its desecration as a mosque; The Allah stone in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

News articles of: The Rise of Islamic Turkey, Under Obama; Obama proposes $800 million in aid for "Arab Spring"; White House Partners with Muslim Brotherhood Front; Obama enabling Neo-Ottoman Caliphate; Court, "Museum Must be Converted to Mosque"; Turkey to double size if its army; Turkey launches new crackdown on ex-officers; The Pentagon Breaks the Islam Taboo; Suicide bombers follow Quran, concludes Pentagon briefing

(30 min.)