Dr. Hansen shares the message "The Day of the Lord - Be Prepared" on Omega Man Radio program with Shannon Davis via LIVE stream on Skype Part 1

CODE: 051719


Shannon shares how he found Dr. Hansen's "Warning" radio program and how it activated him into his own radio ministry. He is broadcasting into China and North Korea among many other global regions. Shannon recollects how Dr. Hansen prophesied the NYC 9/11 attack and that the next attack will have a thousand-fold death count without the repentance of sin. Dr. Hansen tells how God puts him before world political leaders. Joel chapter one is read to show God's warning to nations that are in rebellion against Him. Joel's prophecy to Judah also applies to us today with its dualistic meaning. Joel describes how sin in a nation brings judgment on the people. King Joash was mentored by the high priest and he became the third good king of Israel. Because most of the church in America is lukewarm, the nation is facing judgment. The three aspects of Joel's warning of "the day of the Lord" are explained. Believers are supposed to do their part to give warning to society about sin. All lukewarm believers are in danger of being rejected by God because they have no burden for souls living in sin. We are supposed to tarry and listen for God to give us revelation. Believers are supposed to expect attacks for sharing God's Word. Believers are told to pass on God's Word, acts and revelation to following generations. The testimony of a senior pastor and apostle that was delivered of alcohol, drugs and paranoid schizophrenia is shared. Dr. Hansen was cured of ten tumors on his lungs and he shared his role in his healing. God instructs us to wail to Him in times of trouble. Photos of: Dr. Hansen's father, a former missionary to China; Missionaries to China in the 1930s; the front pages of several newspapers after the NYC 9/11 attack; US political and religious leaders at the National Cathedral 9/11 prayer for peace service; Dr. Hansen with several international political leaders.