Dr. Hansen Visits Apostle Michael Wafula, Feb. 25, 2018, God's Apostolic House, Machakos, Kenya - 2018, A Time for War, a Time for Victory

CODE: D735


Dr. Hansen describes his meetings with: the wife of Kenya's Deputy President; several top church leaders and what they discussed. The content of this message shared in Kenya applies to every nation, including America. A segment of the worship portion of the service is played. Apostle Michael Wafula introduces Dr. Hansen to the congregation. Christians must tarry in order to receive the power of the Holy Spirit to be properly equipped to be God's representative to leaders and nations. Dr. Hansen shares testimony of being used by God to address murder in parliament of Burundi. Warning is given of consequences for attacking a man of God. Dr. Hansen's prophecy for Kenya is mentioned. Warning is given of consequences for attacking a man of God. Dr. Hansen's prophecy for Kenya is mentioned. Tribalism must cease in elections, but the people must vote for the candidates that best represent God and His values. Dr. Hansen shares about a former Buddhist Japanese man, Dr. Michael Hyodo, accepting Jesus a savior, having demons cast out of him and being raised up as a fellow laborer at WMI for 20 years. If the church was united, there would be peace in Kenya. Dr. Hansen gives example of coming against sin heavily in America while exposing the corruption of Bill and Hillary Clinton prior to the 2016 election on television. Corruption in America and Kenya must be fought against with truth by the church in both countries. The church must unite to have peace in any nation. The church must unite to have peace in any nation. We must know what sin is before backing political candidates. We must know what leadership stands for and vote for those that best follow God's Word. Christians are called to win with Satan under our feet. The church is in a spiritual battle that the people must be active participants in through words and actions. Put on the whole armor of God to endure with strength. Christians must stop watching movies and television that allow fornication and sin to be accepted therein. Christians are supposed to stand as ambassadors of Jesus Christ to the whole world. Corruption is the sin of selfishness that devalues people around those guilty of such. God sends nobody to Hell, but people send themselves there through pride and selfishness. Christians are to demolish all false doctrines and pagan philosophies by filling themselves with the Word of God and sharing Truth. Dr. Hansen shares testimony of a man that was threatening him and those of the church he was part of fell over dead. As Christians spend time with God they begin to think as God, act like God and move as God throughout the communities they are in. One must know the Word of God in order to pray the will of God. Dr. Hansen prays for himself that he doesn't compromise, prior to any meeting with leadership. We need to daily read God's Word and pray for ourselves that we do the will of God. When someone says that they want to speak to the president, yet they are afraid to talk to their neighbor, they need more of God in them to overcome their fear. Even while Paul was in bonds, he still conducted himself as an ambassador for Jesus. When loved ones go to the Lord, they don't want to come back from death and Dr. Hansen shares a testimony of this happening in his ministry. We must be sensitive to the Holy Spirit when and how to address people in the name of the Lord. If you let the Lion of the Tribe of Judah speak through you, you can bring peace to a nation. People need God to speak through His servants so that repentance can come. Dr. Hansen works with godly pastors and leadership and leaders others toward becoming godly. The most important ingredient people need is hope and several aspects of hopes work are shared. Give people hope that they still have a future. Dr. Hansen prays for Apostle Wafula and his wife.