Dr. Hansen's Benediction and Prayer for the Stanwood, WA Observance of the National Day of Prayer May 5, 2016 - Dr. Jonathan Hansen's Wife, Dr. Jeannie Hansen - "Developing Our Intimacy with God"

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Dr. Hansen's Benediction and Prayer for the Stanwood, WA Observance of the National Day of Prayer May 5, 2016: Dr. Hansen shares how he was told by key political and religious leaders in Israel that they are praying for godly leaders to be elected in America in the 2016 elections - Leaders are hoping America has leadership that honors the Bible - Jerusalem is God's city and it is the epicenter of His government on earth - Dr. Hansen prays: that America would return to her godly heritage so that the science of judgment could be lifted off and the nation have peace; that leaders would follow Judeo-Christian values and morality; for US military and first responders to be protected and encouraged against those that are attacking them through racism and other means; that the media will report the true facts without a politically driven agenda to change the nation; against secular humanism being taught in schools and educational institutions; for the economy to prosper by being driven through godly principals by those who are willing to work; that families would be protected against humanists trying to destroy godly family values; the youth to become godly leaders for the nation; God's peace and protection for persecuted Christians; for the peace of Israel and Jerusalem - Dr. Hansen announces the death of his wife Jeannie and he extends an invitation to her July 23, 2016 memorial service

Dr. Jonathan Hansen's Wife, Dr. Jeannie Hansen - "Developing Our Intimacy with God": Jeannie shares four things that keep us from knowing God - Intimacy with God should be the closer we get to Him, the more we want to be closer to Him - Intimacy with God will bring changes our thoughts, attitudes and our responses to God and to life - Reverence is essential in order to have a proper relationship with God - Intimacy cannot occur without respect - We must live a life worthy of the kindness that God bestows upon us - Truthful transparency in bearing our souls to God is a fruit of intimacy - God already took the first step toward intimacy with us, all we have to do is to reciprocate the same - King David is an example of honesty in expressing his feelings to God - David's relationship with God was so open that he knew that he could ask Him anything - A love for God's Word is another evidence of intimacy with God - In His Word do we have our hope - His Word has everything that we need - Do we know what His instructions are? That is the value of His Word. - All but two verses of Psalm 119 extol the Word of God - We get comfort from the Word of God; knowing that He has put boundaries around us - The words on the pages of His Word are Holy and we need to reverence them - After the newness of our salvation has worn off, we must discipline ourselves to spend time in God's Word - Praise is vital to bring us into intimacy with God - Expressing our appreciation to God in words, song and meditation solidifies our faith - We are commanded and invited to praise God - Without giving praise to God, our intimacy will not grow - When God is the center of your life, you can praise Him every day - When we are praising God, it should be beyond all other praise - We should never be satisfied or complacent with our praise unto God - Desire is needed to go deeper in intimacy - Jeannie leads the congregants into individual spontaneous praise unto God, which leads into corporate worship - Jeannie prays that we all will grow in desire to be more intimate in our relationship with God - Prayer is offered up on behalf of Dr. Hansen and the team with him as he is in Kenya ministering - Attendees pray for areas of healing that one another is in need of