Dr. Hansen's brief commentary at the Western Wall 2-13-18; Rev. David Pileggi (Rector), Christ Church at Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem, Israel 2-13-18; Dr. Hansen shares briefly from the Jerusalem Prayer Tower 2-19-18

CODE: DVD061518


From the Western Wall Dr. Hansen shares about coming Biblical prophetic events and exhorts believers to be under the blood of Jesus and reject the NWO. Rector David Pileggi tells us that the Christ Church at the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem is the oldest Protestant church in the Middle East. This church was established to be the first home for Jewish believers of Jesus Christ. Nearly all text throughout this church is Hebrew. This church acknowledges and celebrates the Jewishness of Jesus. Iranian army recently launched an aerial drone attack into Israel from Syria that Israel shot down. An Israeli fighter jet was shot down from Syria. Rector Pileggi speaks about the global hazard of anti-Semitism, with Iran's historic and persistent practice of it. Anti-Semitism is an international problem that can bring world war. Christians must get active in contacting their elected officials to fight against anti-Semitism and anti-Israel bias. The consequences that Haman of the Bible faced for his attack against the Hebrew people are to be remembered today for those that would do the same. All visitors of Israel should visit the Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem to learn about the beastly atrocities that man can do against their fellow man and fight to prevent it from happening again. The Rector tells how every instance of genocide came by human choice and bystander indifference and the church must rise up and speak God's Truth of love to stop it from ever happening again. Believers must be actively applying the gifts, natural and spiritual, and resources to serve the world around us with the love of God and in His name. We have the responsibility to be representatives and ambassadors of God and Jesus by discipling all people and nations. From the Jerusalem Prayer Tower Dr. Hansen exhorts us all to spend time waiting on God while in His Word, in prayer to be equipped with His gifts and power for serving the world around us. Photos of: Dr. Hansen with leadership in Israel; the Holocaust Museum and WWII atrocities against the Jews