Dr. Jonathan Hansen with Drs. Jay & Meridel Rawlings

Dr. Jay Rawlings, Founder/President of Israel Vision in Jerusalem, Israel and Dr. Meridel Rawlings (Founder of Still Small Voice), Founder of Israel Vision in Jerusalem, Israel - Part 1 & 2 (2 DVD Set)



Part 1 - Dr. Hansen and Dr. Jay discuss how to bring revival to the nations in relationship with Israel - Ezekiel 36 is a compendium of where we are in the Bible today - Jews are coming home to Israel from around the world either by the push of persecution or by a Divine draw - Every nation where Jews have left to move to Israel, in quantity, has seen a spiritual revival toward an evangelical faith in God - The physical restoration of the people to Israel is the precursor to the spiritual restoration of the Israeli people - There has been more Jewish people coming to faith in Jesus as Messiah in Israel and throughout the world in recent years than ever before - People in the Muslim-Arab nations surrounding Israel are becoming Christians through visions and dreams of Jesus and seeing Biblical prophecy coming to pass in Israel - Dr. Meridel shared about her being abused by a pedophile grandfather as a child and how Jesus miraculously healed her - Dr. Meridel relates how she ministered to the indigenous tribal people of northwest India, near Nepal - Video of ex-Muslim women that visited Dr. Hansen in his Nairobi, Kenya office after one of them became a Christian as the result of Jesus appearing to her and knocking the rat poison she was about to drink from her hand - Video roll-in of Dr. Meridel's work in India to rescue children from human trafficking and the sex trade from the Rawlings' video titled "Love My People".

Photos of: Dr. Hansen with numerous Israeli political leaders and other leaders of influence; Immigrants from around the world arriving in Israel.

News articles: After capturing Syrian town, IS abducts dozens of Christians; Truck bomb at Baghdad produce market kills 67, Islamic State group claims responsibility; Persecution of Christians reach historic levels in 2014. Will 2015 be worse?; Why the Left Ignores Christian Persecution; Why Is Obama So Silent About The Vicious Persecution Of Christians All Over The Globe?; Iran Nuclear Deal Means Compromise For Both Sides; Here's the company that buys aborted body parts from Planned Parenthood; Top Abortionist Confesses, I Sell Dead Babies; GOP civil war intense crackdown on conservatives; Christian bakers who are under fire for refusing to make gay wedding cake opened their email and discovered this shocking message; Christian Pizza Shop Owners 'in Hiding' Amid Death Threats, Close Doors After Indiana HS Coach Threatens to Torch Pizzeria for Saying They 'Won't Cater Gay Weddings'; Denver baker sued for refusing to write anti-gay slogans on cake; The war on Christians.

Part 2 - Dr. Hansen reads an excerpt from Dr. Danny Nalliah's book "The 21st Century Culture War in the West" that speaks of the truly violent nature of real Islam - Some Biblical names for Jerusalem - Prophetically speaking the world is in the birth pains of Christ's return - Anti-God people are trying to eliminate Israel and the Jewish people in hopes of proving there is no God - The portion of the church that is against Israel and believes that the Jewish people are no longer God's chosen are in apostasy; the great falling away - Anti-Semitism has grown to become anti-Israelism with even Jewish college students becoming fearful of attending classes as violent hatred is pouring out on campuses - The only national leader to speak up on behalf of persecuted Christians is Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu - Israel is the only safe nation for Christians in all of the Middle East - ISIS Muslim extremists are killing moderate Muslims to control, by fear, all Muslims - The Prince of Persia spirit is still at work in the Middle East leading man to kill Jews and Christians - The vision in Daniel chapter two is still playing out today - Elitism in American and Canadian Supreme Courts has led to overturning the will of the people to enact unjust and immoral laws - The same anti-God spiritual influence is in America and Canada - America needs to elect people who have the Spirit of God upon them to bring the nation back into right standing again.

Maps & Images:  Maps of Israel showing the nations present boundaries, it's relationship in size to some U.S. states and their Biblical boundaries - Images of New World Order leadership, some of their quotes and authority structure - Maps showing the difference between the meanings of the names ISIS and ISIL - An artists depiction of the statue described in Daniel chapter 2 - Photos of four elected leaders of nations that have a strong Biblical sense of awareness.

Video roll-in from Dr. Jay's documentary "Israel, the Nations and the Future" that expounds on Islam's use of democracy to subvert nations.

News articles:  The Pentagon Breaks the Islam Taboo; Suicide bombers follow Quran, concludes Pentagon briefing; Anti-Semitism Is A Big Problem At American College Campuses, According To New Report; Report, Anti-Semitism Soaring on U.S. College Campuses; Islamic jihad comes to campus; An Epidemic of Jew Hatred at American Colleges; Leaflet Purportedly Issued by ISIS Threatens Jerusalem Christians; ISIS Threat In Israel, Islamic State Supporters Threaten Christians In Jerusalem, Vow Slaughter Of Zionist Collaborators; ISIS threatens Hamas, but move could bring Israel & Palestine closer to fight common enemy; ISIS Threatens to Commit Another Holocaust Against Jews; U.S. Caves to Key Iranian Demands as Nuke Deal Comes Together; Iranian Parliament Chants "Death to America", Votes to Ban Nuclear Inspections; Supreme Court Legalizes Gay Marriage Nationwide; Americans Are Still Divided Over Gay Marriage After Supreme Court Decision; Supreme Court Ruling Makes Same-Sex Marriage a Right Nationwide; Canadian Supreme Court bans prayer at city council meetings; Supreme Court rules against prayer at city council meetings; Quebec town can't have prayers at council meetings, Supreme Court rules; Transcript of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech to Congress.

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