DVD Series

Prophetic Conference, Spokane, WA, November 3, 2018


Part 1 - Dr. Hansen shares the topics of the conference. Because of America's guilt in the four sins of abomination, judgment unto destruction is... More

Dr. Jay Rawlings, Founder/President of Israel Vision in Jerusalem, Israel and Dr. Meridel Rawlings (Founder of Still Small Voice), Founder of Israel Vision in Jerusalem, Israel - Part 1 & 2 (2 DVD Set)


Part 1 - Dr. Hansen and Dr. Jay discuss how to bring revival to the nations in relationship with Israel - Ezekiel 36 is a compendium of where we are... More

Rev. Dr. Daniel Nalliah: Catch the Fire Ministries, Inc. - Australia; Founder of Rise Up Australia Party (2 DVD Set)


Part 1 - There is Graphic Content, Viewer Discretion is Advised - Dr. Hansen reads a portion of his newsletter "The Church is at War"... More

Dennis Avi Lipkin, A.K.A. Victor Mordechai - Author - Lecturer - Journalist - Israel's Bible Bloc Party (2 DVD Set)


Part 1 - Avi shares that Israel needs to return to Judeo-Christian values - America needs a Christian revival for Israel's survival -... More

Pastor Shahram Hadian Exposes 'Chrislam', Iranian born ex- Muslim, 2012 Candidate for Governor in Washington State (2 DVD Set)


Part 1 - Dr. Hansen relates how American founding fathers thought of Islam - You cannot call yourself Christian and believe all faiths lead to... More

Tass Saada, Ex-PLO Sniper, Chauffeur to Yasser Arafat and Author of the Book "Once an Arafat Man" - Founder of Seeds of Hope in Jericho, Israel (2 DVD Set)


Part 1 - Dr. Hansen reads a portion of the foreword of Tass Saada's book "Once An Arafat Man" - Tass used to teach youth to hate... More

Josh Reinstein, Director of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus (KCAC) in Jerusalem, Israel (2 DVD Set)


Part 1 - The enemies of Jesus/Lord/God want to demolish America and Israel and usher in a New World Order - A peace deal that doesn't... More

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson - Founder/President, BOND, Brotherhood Organization Of A New Destiny, "Rebuilding the Familiy by Rebuilding the Man (2 DVD Set)


The Church is not taking dominion, thus allowing evil men to persecute the bride of Christ - The Obama regime which is blackmailing Egypt to re-instate the Muslim Brotherhood into national power - Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson and Dr. Hansen discuss Barack Hussein Obama, who is definitely not a Christian, but a liar that promotes Islam at every turn, supported by mainstream media - Barack Obama is the worst President America has ever had - Obama has enabled Islam to have influence in every area of our lives, even over our churches - Sura 9:73 from the Quran mandates that Muslims are to kill unbelievers - Video of: CNN's Piers Morgan show where Rev. Peterson was attacked and berated by Piers and two black pastors over his stand on the verdict of the George Zimmerman trial...

Arch Bonnema, Businessman & Economist from Dallas, Texas (2 DVD Set)



Arch shares how the U.S. Government is no longer on a gold standard to back its currency U.S. propping up stock market by printing $85 Billion per month and buying stock - Cyprus stole their citizens' money from their bank accounts to save economy - Mr. Bonnema gives examples of things that can trigger "Black Swan Events" - War on Christianity in America - "Has Noah's Ark Been Found?" - Dr. Hansen and Arch Bonnema discuss the expedition that Arch joined to find Noah's Ark north of Tehran, Iran in 2006 - Arch tells how there have been many expeditions to Mt. Ararat in Turkey to find Noah's Ark; all with no success - Turkey's Mt. Ararat didn't possess its present name until Marco Polo heard from some Armenians in the 13th century that they thought that Noah's Ark was on a particular mountain in Turkey; so he named it Mt. Ararat on his map.

Agenda 21 - Andy Nazario, Ph. D., Assistant Professor: Criminal Justice, Eastern New Mexico University, Department of History, Humanities and Social Sciences (2 DVD Set)



Dr. Nazario elaborates on Agenda 21 (U.N. Agenda for the 21st Century) - Agenda 21 is the George Soros plan for the 21st century NWO government - George Soros (the Puppet Master) controls the economic strings on the planet and has personally bankrupted five nations - Soros is one of a small group of elitists whose goal is to have control of earth - Dr. Nazario shares of the origin of cities through Cain, after he killed Abel; through Satan's rebellious influence of people wanting to build themselves up to God - Agenda 21, under the guise of 'sustainable development', was initiated by George H.W. Bush with other U.N. members in 1992 - Dr. Nazario exposes how, through misleading terminology, the global elitists are turning lies into truth and truth into lies...

Bishop Thomas Muthee - Founder / Senior Pastor of Word of Faith Church in Kiambu, Kenya (2 DVD Set)



Dr. Hansen reads a portion of Dr. Muthee's bio that relates the importance of prayer in his life for direction in decisions and for warfare in the spirit realm - Prayer helped achieve breakthrough against powers and strongholds over Kiambu that blocked the blessings of God from manifesting - Through prayer, Dr. Muthee and other intercessors found out that there was a witch named Mama Jane that held such tight control in Kiambu that there were many fatal car accidents in front of her house of divination - Bishop Muthee publically declared that either Mama Jane receives Jesus as Lord and Savior or she leaves town. "There is no longer room in Kiambu for the both of us". - Prior to following the Lord's direction to plant a church in Kiambu, the 'preachers graveyard', Bishop Muthee was an itinerant evangelist for twelve years - Dr. Muthee spent much time praying before going to Kiambu so as to discover why the town wasn't growing and why it was the crime capital of Kenya before he established a church there - Prayer revealed that the city was under very powerful witchcraft and much innocent blood was spilled there during the struggle for the nations independence...

Dr. Hansen Interviews Jack Roland Murphy, aka "Murph the Surf" & Evangelist (Captain) Milton Alvarez, Ex-Mafia Man" (2 DVD Set)


Dr. Hansen relates how, through Christ, ALL can become new creatures with the hope of everlasting life - Dr. Hansen gives the example of Saul, who became Paul, who used to be a monster that tore families apart and sentenced many to death for being Christian. Then God extended grace to him and he became possibly the greatest of apostles - Milton Alvarez used to be a mafia man that knows some of the most notorious hit men - Jack Murphy jewel thief extraordinaire and convicted of murder and sentenced to two life terms plus twenty years - Dr. Hansen tells how you can have hope of salvation and be used of God as Milton Alvarez and Jack Murphy, reaching out to inmates in prisons all over the world - Jack Murphy gives his testimony of his life as a fearless thief and convicted murderer who came to salvation through Christ as athletes visited the prison he was in and shared their testimonies of their choices to choose Jesus...

Dr. Hansen's Book, "The Science of Judgment" (2 DVD Set)



Dr. Hansen explains how God is predictable in His judgment toward sin - Chapter Titles: Chapter 1, The Laws Regarding Prophecy and Judgment; Chapter 2, Patterns of Apostasy; Chapter 3, Purpose of Chastisement; Chapter 4, Standards for Justice and Mercy; Chapter 5, God Forgives When People Repent; Chapter 6, God Holds Nations Responsible for What Leaders Do; Chapter 7, Parental Responsibility; Chapter 8, The Feasts of the Lord; Chapter 9, Solomon’s Transgressions and Their Consequences; Chapter 10, Righteous Kings versus Evil Kings; Chapter 11, Example of King Jehoshaphat; Chapter 12, Ungodly Alliances; Chapter 13, God Is Predictable!; Chapter 14, God Holds People Accountable; Chapter 15, Man Can Turn Into an Intelligent Beast to Do Evil; Chapter 16, Problems with the Theory of Evolution; Chapter 17, Evolution and Racism; Chapter 18, Darwin’s Hatred of Christianity and Its Fruit; Chapter 19, The Fall of America and Her Destruction; Chapter 20, Cult Christianity; Chapter 21, Radical Liberal Politics; Chapter 22, People Choose Their Nation’s Leaders; Chapter 23, Qualifications for Godly Leadership; Chapter 24, Romans 13 Delegated Authority; Chapter 25, Satan is in Charge of This World, Not Jesus; Chapter 26, If Laws Violate Conscience, We Must Disobey; Chapter 27, We Are in a Cultural War; Chapter 28, Our Responsibility to a Hostile Government; Chapter 29, The Christians’ Science of Judgment...

Prime Crimes: Treason in Libya (4 DVD Set)


U.S. Ambassador to Libya, a victim of a ruthless Islamic slaughter - Attorney Pidgeon shares the sequence of events that took place at the U.S. Consulate to Libya in Benghazi 9/11/12 - White House watched the attack on the Benghazi Consulate in real-time video from a circling drone for seven hours - Obama orders U.S. Military to "stand down" while watching attack unfold from video taken by a circling drone. U.S. Government report of the investigation into the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Libya. Attorney Pidgeon exposes that the White House has software that can track anyone's web activity and relates that the U.S. had hired a subsidiary of Al Qaeda to protect the Benghazi Consulate - Attorney Pidgeon exposes Barack Hussein Obama as a member of the Muslim Brotherhood - Attorney Pidgeon speaks of Muslim Brotherhood agitation in secular Muslim nations funded and supported by Obama administration - Egyptian press exposed six major people in Obama administration that are members of Muslim Brotherhood...

Dr Hansen Interviews Dr. Bahjat Batarseh, Jordanian Apostle/Prophet, in Nairobi, Kenya May 15, 2012 (2 DVD Set)



Dr. Batarseh shares his family history as Christians in Jordan from 64 A.D. - The Batarseh family now numbers newar 2,500 in Jordan - Dr. Batarseh's testimony of receiving salvation in Jordan - Dr. Batarseh relates Muslim misconceptions of the Holy Trinity, Mary and Jesus and how to evangelize them - Dr. Batarseh has been imprisoned for preaching to Muslims twice and God miraculously released him although he was sentenced to death by hanging - Dr. Hansen shares how he visited with Yasser Arafat's former sniper and chauffer, who Jesus appeared to - Dr. Hansen was visited in his Nairobi, Kenya office by a Somali woman that left Islam for Christianity after Jesus knocked away rat poison she was about to drink - Dr. Batarseh extends invitation for viewers to accept Jesus as Savior - Dr. Batarseh speaks of the similarity of changes happening in Kenya also happening in US - The key to Kenya's future lies with church leaders repenting of sin and preaching truth - Islam invading Kenya...