Eastgate Kenya Assembly of God in Nyeri with Bishop Wachira Karani, June 10, 2018 "A Time for Victory if We Don't Lose Hope"

CODE: DVD081018


Adalia Dorcas Peace sings "Wonderful, Merciful Savior" prior to Dr. Hansen's message. Understanding who we are in Jesus can give us our greatest victories. Satan seeks to destroy lives, families and nations. Our fight isn't with people of this world but with spiritual forces of evil. We are called to victory through spiritual warfare. Dr. Hansen speaks of the victory his family received in the miracle healing of one of his daughters. We must know the promises of God to effectively fight for victory. When we elect public officials, we must back those that back the values of God. We must know Jesus well enough to release His power. Waiting on God by studying the Bible and prayer gives us His power for ministry. Dr. Hansen gives testimony of confronting a top Kenyan politician about his sins of murder. We must endure in strength and persevere to win. Losing hope is the only thing that can stop your vision from coming to pass. Biblical examples of leaders that didn't quit, even after receiving forgiveness of sin are given. Satan wants us to doubt God's Word. We lose ground when we compromise. Hope is our anchor and is most important for victory. Christians are in the hope business and we must share it with everyone. God's greatest gift isn't sight, but vision. Hope has the power to restore broken hearts. Hope knows that nothing can separate us from God and our victories. Photos of: Dr. Hansen with Kenya national church and political leaders; WMI staff at the Nairobi, Kenya Bible school office; Dr. Hansen's adopted African daughter who was miraculously healed, Dr. Hansen speaking at a large conference for bishops and pastors in Nakuru, Kenya.