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"A Life Worth Living with No Regrets and Joy is a Choice" at Resurrection & Life Ministries, Oahu, HI with Pastor Randy Iaea, Sept. 24, 2017 Part 3

CODE: DVD112417

Happiness is a choice and our attitude can release or withhold blessings or curses. Dr. Hansen's book "The Science of Judgment" explains... More

"Only the Church Can Bring Peace to Kenya" - Nov. 19, 2017, with Bishop Arthur Kitonga, Redeemed Gospel Church, Huruma Nairobi, Kenya Part 1

CODE: DVD020218

The difference between 'sheep nations' and 'goat nations' is explained. Dr. Hansen was given two prophecies in 1992 for Kenya, one for... More

A Life Worth Living with No Regrets - Pillar of Truth Ministries, Hamilton, MT Jan. 7, 2017 AM Service

CODE: D691


Ann Cassidy DiSanza, wife of Mike DiSanza who authored the book "A Cop for Christ" and President of International Cops for Christ

CODE: DVD090117

Videos show police officers being attacked by rioters and criminals. Law enforcement in recent years has been portrayed as the enemy and dehumanized.... More

Christian vs. Public Schools with the Grabers (3 CD Set)


Realizing the value of the Christian education that is needed to combat the humanistic agenda today. (3 Part Series) (App. 180 min.) More
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Dr. Hansen and Stephen Pidgeon, 2012 Attorney General Candidate for Washington State discuss Pope Francis - Program 3

CODE: DVD011918

Dr. Hansen reads an excerpt from his newsletter "the Great Falling Away, Protestants and the Pope (Part 2)." The Catholic Church and many other... More

Dr. Hansen is Interviewed on TruNews by Rick Wiles Nov. 30 and Dec. 1, 2015: Muslim invasion, WWIII and New World Order, Dr. Hansen's prophecy to America and further revelations added to it

CODE: D672


Have Sex, Do Drugs (DVD)

CODE: DVD071807

The tragedy that our educators could advocate anti-Christian ideas. (30 min.)

Illegal Immigration and Racism in America with Mike Siegel Ph.D, J.D., Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host and Attorney Stephen Pidgeon, 2012 Candidate for WA State Attorney General

CODE: DVD120415

If Jewish and Christian leaders don't put Judeo-Christian values into American society, the nation faces destruction and judgment - The aiding and... More

Interview with Mr. Arthur Watson; School Teacher (CD)

CODE: D353

How Hollywood and the philosophy of hedonism is destroying the respect for family and authority. The influence of Darwinism and Nietzche. America's... More
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Kaeley Triller, Communications Director, Just Want Privacy Campaign, Why I-1552? - A Spiritual Father Sees You on the Throne

CODE: D702

Kaeley Triller, Communications Director, Just Want Privacy Campaign, Why I-1552? (Initiative 1552, the Dec. 2015 Open Bathroom/locker room rule. People... More

Kaeley Triller, Communications Director, Just Want Privacy Campaign, Why I-1552? and Survivor of Rape - Metryx "Meechy" McCarty and his wife Beth, author and co-author of the book "Guardians of Virtue"

CODE: D703

Kaeley Triller, Communications Director, Just Want Privacy Campaign, Survivor of Rape (Kaeley was sexually expolited for the first time at ten years of... More

Marc Zell, Republicans Overseas, Adv., Co-Chairman, January 29, 2017

CODE: DVD052617

Marc Zell is interviewed in his office, Jerusalem, Israel. Attny. Zell explains the role and effort of his office in the election of President Trump.... More

Marty McClendon, 2016 Candidate for Lieutenant Governor, WA State, Republican - General Election

CODE: D685

Our Freedom is at Stake (We are supposed to elect righteous leaders to bring God's blessings to our land and to prevent persecution of the Church and... More

Metryx (Meechy) McCarty, author of "Guardians of Virtue," and his wife and co-author Beth

CODE: DVD082517

Metryx shares his testimony of coming out of dealing drugs to salvation in Jesus. His father was a heroin addict that spent most of his time in prison.... More