Rev. Emmit Glanz, and Judith Everard / Attorney Stephen Pidgeon

Rev. Emmit Glanz, Mountain Top Ministries of Puget Sound and Judith Everard / Attorney Stephen Pidgeon, Candidate for Attorney General of Washington State (CD)

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Monday (Rev. Emmit Glanz) - Supreme Court Justice Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage: Dr. Hansen's web site 'Thought for the Week' about the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage; U.S. Supreme Court undefines marriage; Tyrannical rule under the U.S. Supreme Court; Rev. Glanz shares Joel 2:12-14a as a call to action by Christians; UN Agenda 21 set to seize land from private citizens; Russia has hacked into White House and State Dept. Computers; Agenda 21 tyranny in New Mexico confiscating ranch land.

Tuesday (Rev. Emmit Glanz) - ISIS, Taking Jesus from U.S. Military and Team Jaylen: Toothless Eunuchs in the church today; Reasons pastors are 'Toothless Eunuchs'; We are losing America because of weak Toothless Eunuch pastors; ISIS in America with training camps in all states except Alaska; ISIS claims credit for shooting in Texas; Hundreds to thousands of Americans training to attack America; Obama administration rejects the Monroe Doctrine and its safety; Obama reducing U.S. troop sizes and nuke capability; Military chaplains face court martial for mentioning Jesus and are called enemies of the constitution; Obama administration bans U.S. military from having Bibles, yet passed out Qur'ans to troops; One-third of adults under 30 have no religious affiliation; "Team Jaylen" shirts worn at the school he shot and killed 5 people, including himself.

Wednesday (Rev. Emmit Glanz &  Judith Everard) - Toothless Eunuchs and Fearful Church Leaders: Toothless Eunuchs, fearful church leaders; Dr. Hansen reads an excerpt from his 1995 prophecy to America; Judith's warning vision for pastors (full grown oaks of righteousness uprooting cedars of pride); Pastors are ignoring the warning prophecies directed toward them; 32% of adults have no religious affiliation; The New Atheists say any belief in God is a mental illness; U.S. Dept.. of Education to withhold funding from any school not allowing students to use the bathroom or locker room of the gender they identify as; Homosexuals demanding IRS revoke tax exempt status from churches and ministries calling homosexuality sin; Homosexuals telling government to force Christians to accept homosexuality.

Thursday (Attorney Stephen Pidgeon) - The Iran Nuclear Deal: AP news article, "Iran Nuclear Deal Means Compromise For Both Sides"; Areas of compromise mentioned; Attorney Pidgeon reveals data not stated in the report; Obama is pressing for deal ratification to put great wealth back into the hands of Iran; PM Netanyahu warned U.S. Congress that this would be a bad deal; Obama doesn't appear to have American interests at heart; Two horns of Islam rising, Sunni and Shiite; Why is Obama seemingly supporting Shiite Iran while he seems to favor Sunni Islam.

Friday (Attorney Stephen Pidgeon) - Washington Cartel Conspires Against Americans: WND news article, "Watch Ted Cruz unleashed: 'Washington cartel' conspires against Americans"; Excerpts are shared of Cruz's speech about political cronyism; Bailout was designed to favor big business over local or small business; Attorney Pidgeon doesn't want to defame capitalism, but calls it crony corporatism; Elite families and corporations of NWO spoken of by Attorney Pidgeon and their theft from the masses; Goldman Sachs stealing from others, they are too big to fail and we are too small to succeed; No free and fair elections in America any longer; Albert Pike started the mafia that now resides in U.S. federal government; Excepts from Dr. Hansen's newsletter "Toothless Eunuchs" that expose that it's the church's fault for America's collapse; People are more concerned about their comfort instead of patriotism to the constitution and the Bible.

(60 min.)