Dr. Jay Rawlings, Founder/President of Israel Vision in Jerusalem, Israel and Dr. Meridel Rawlings (Founder of Still Small Voice), Founder of Israel Vision in Jerusalem, Israel - Islam, the Prince of Persia Spirit and the Attack on Israel, the Jews and Christians (DVD)

CODE: DVD091115

Dr. Hansen reads an excerpt from Dr. Danny Nalliah's book "The 21st Century Culture War in the West" that speaks of the truly violent... More

Dr. Jay Rawlings, Founder/President of Israel Vision in Jerusalem, Israel and Dr. Meridel Rawlings (Founder of Still Small Voice), Founder of Israel Vision in Jerusalem, Israel - Part 1 & 2 (2 DVD Set)


Part 1 - Dr. Hansen and Dr. Jay discuss how to bring revival to the nations in relationship with Israel - Ezekiel 36 is a compendium of where we are... More

Dr. Hansen Discussses End-Time Prophecies - The Pope - And "Israel Now News" (DVD)

CODE: DVD061915

The Catholic Malachy prophecy predicts that Pope Francis is to be the very last Pope - Kenneth Copeland and other evangelical leaders met with Pope... More

Dr. Hansen and David Rotem, Knesset Member of Yisrael Beiteinu and Chair of the Knesset Christian Allies Caucus, Discuss How the Security Needs of Israel also Affect the World (DVD)

CODE: DVD022715

The land of Israel belongs to God and is not for any man to divide - Freedom will cease throughout the world if Israel is destroyed - America and Israel... More

Attorney Stephen Pidgeon and Dr. Hansen Discuss the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing/Attack (DVD)

CODE: DVD062413

Mr. Pidgeon relates how America is now under an unrelenting Muslim jihad for overthrow – Attorney Pidgeon tells how the older Tsarnaev brother is portrayed as being radicalized at a mosque in Chechnya and further so by an Imam in Boston; while government officials state they have no record of the brothers ever being there – The pressure cooker bombs aren’t that sophisticated but the detonation device is of Al Qaeda origin – Steve gives a brief summary of how Al Qaeda is Arabic for ‘the list’, which pertains to a list of Muslim mercenaries developed, trained, and funded by U.S. covert-ops (CIA) and included Osama Bin Laden – U.S. deployed Bin Laden in Afghanistan, with other Jihadist groups, to fight the Soviet Union just as the Mujahideen, Osama and his mercenaries were also used to turn Kosovo into an Islamic regime – The U.S. put Saddam Hussein into power and Donald Rumsfeld admitted selling the chemical WMD’s to him. Those same chemical weapons are now in Assad’s possession in Syria with reports of them being used against his own people – U.S. sold 20,000 tons of military arms and munitions to Al-Qaeda to overthrow Libya and some of those arms were used to kill our U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and embassy personnel in Benghazi on 9-11-12 – A large number of shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles are unaccounted for and are presumed in the hands of Al-Qaeda jihadists waiting to down commercial flights with them...

Attorney Stephen Pidgeon - "Behold! A Pale Green Horse" (Green/Eco-Fascism) (DVD)

CODE: DVD080811

The four horses of the Apocalypse - Photos of: war; symbols of the Global Warming agenda; the Georgia Guidestones; Politicians & law officers working with Dr. Hansen to fight for America; Luciferian worshipers; Various world elitists involved in the NWO Eco-Fascism; U.N. Agenda 21 map of U.S. - Global Warming is a LIE to control people and to kill billions - News articles of: NGOs set on depopulating the earth; U.S. economic crisis; Christians & Patriots looked upon as terrorists; U.S. politicians committing treason; U.S. Government attempting to control churches; Scientists disagree with the Global Warming lies; U.N. Agenda 21 is a tool to depopulate the earth; Weaponized bio-attack in Germany; Bill Gates pushing to enact population control through vaccinations; NWO elitists are genocidalists; U.S. Government destroying agricultural land - Climate Action Network (over 365 NGOs) working to limit human-induced climate change to ecologically sustainable levels - U.S. Government agencies backing the Global Warming agenda.

Attorney Stephen Pidgeon - World Economic Collapse and the Liberal Left (DVD)

CODE: DVD080111

News Articles: Obama's ineligibility to serve as U.S. President; Economic collapse in U.S. & Globally; U.S. Constitution; U.S. industry moved overseas; Social Security in permanent deficit; U.S. spending exceeding GDP; Stock Market 2008 Crash; U.S. at bottom of list of World Debtors; 1929 Stock Market Crash; Government abuse of Eminent Domain; Chinese Housing Bubble; congress wanting to audit Federal Reserve; Ukraine cutting barley export to Europe; NWO conspiracy and execution of economic destruction of U.S. and other nations; Obama sending U.S. taxpayer dollars to bail out other nations; NWO's ethnic genocidalism for the purpose of depopulation; Federal Government restricting food & water production by civilian public; Ezekiel Emanuel exposed as genocidalist; Janet Napolitano names Christians as enemies of the State.

Deborah Gliebe: Voyeurism (the psychosexual disorder) common in the Church today and God is about to expose it (DVD)

CODE: DVD050211

News articles of Japan earthquake & tsunami; Historic outbreak of tornadoes in southeast U.S. - The definition of voyeurism taken from the Diagnostic and... More

Revelation 6 & Billions Dying (DVD)

CODE: DVD080807

Dr Hansen teaches on Eschatology from Revelation chapter 6. (30 min.)


CODE: DVD010504

Interviews with Rev. E.J. Buckardt & Pastor Ty Gulstrom - insights on 9/11 - Iraq War - WWIII - Plagues & 2 billion people dead - Armageddon.... More


CODE: DVD071603

Interview with Benjamin Baruch & Shannon Davis. (30 min.)