Messiah's Return

Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director of International Chriristian Zionist Center, in Jerusalem, Israel Feb. 15, 2018

CODE: DVD060818

While visiting the Knesset, MK Danny Danon asked Dr. Hansen if he had found President Obama's birth certificate yet. As part of his response to MK... More

A Time for War and for Victory Part 2

CODE: D732


"Only the Church Can Bring Peace to Kenya" - Nov. 19, 2017, with Bishop Arthur Kitonga, Redeemed Gospel Church, Huruma Nairobi, Kenya Part 3

CODE: DVD021618

Dr. Hansen and Bishop Kitonga have worked together in Kenya for more than 30 years. Excerpts from Dr. Hansen's message "How to Win a War, How to... More

"Only the Church Can Bring Peace to Kenya" - Nov. 19, 2017, with Bishop Arthur Kitonga, Redeemed Gospel Church, Huruma Nairobi, Kenya Part 2

CODE: DVD020918

Only the Church can bring peace and prosperity to a nation. The Church is at war with Satan and his evil spirits within evil men. Christians must occupy,... More

Eschatology - Absolute Truth

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Dr. Hansen's Vision Proclamation, 7th World Holy Spirit Ministry International Conference, 10-18-17, Gimhae City, Korea

CODE: DVD120117

Guest: Dr. Terry McCaffrey, Chaplain (Major) USV-JSC Chaplains Corps, United States Volunteers - Joint Services Command. Only the church can bring peace... More

Spiritual Warfare, Intense Prayer and Hope, the Ingredient for Victory Part 2

CODE: D726


"Eschatology and Absolute Truth" at Beacon of Truth Church in Richmond, Kansas with Apostle Reuben Esh, Oct 1, 2017 Evening Service

CODE: D724


Dr. Hansen at Deliverance Church, Langata, Nairobi, Kenya with Bishop Geoffrey Njuguna August 13, 2017

CODE: DVD091517

Kenya's 2017 presidential election is being rerun due to Supreme Court ruling. It's the church's responsibility to bring righteous leaders... More

Prophet Nathan Humbyrd: Prophetic Testimony - June 23, 2017 View of America - June 20, 2017 Dream about Barack Obama - June 21, 2017 Dream about Israel - Philippines - How to Be Sent by God, the Timing of God, India

CODE: D712

Prophet Nathan Humbyrd - Prophetic Testimony Prophet Nathan Humbyrd - June 23, 2017 View of America: Nathan points out a slumbering spirit blinding... More

Ann Cassidy DiSanza Spoke on the International Cops for Christ and Dr. Hansen on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Men and Angels Working Together

CODE: D708


Pentecost 2017

CODE: D705


Trista Williams - God Can Use You / Kaeley Triller, Communications Director, Just Want Privacy Campaign, Why I-1552? and Survivor of Rape

CODE: D704


MK (Rabbi) Yehuda Glick, interviewed in the Knesset January 24, 2017 - Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director, International Christian Zionist Center, is interviewed in Jerusalem, Israel January 30, 2017 - Marc Zell, Republicans Overseas, Adv., Co-Chairman, January 29, 2017

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