One World Government

"Eschatology and Absolute Truth" at Beacon of Truth Church in Richmond, Kansas with Apostle Reuben Esh, Oct 1, 2017 Evening Service

CODE: D724


"How to Be a Friend of God," Rev. Norm Willis, Senior Pastor of The Church Without Walls, Kirkland, WA / "A Nation Divided - 508(c)1(a) - Fake News - CIA Assassination Attempt on Donald Trump," "Christians Have a Reprieve - Looking Ahead to 2017 - War with the CIA - Federal Reserve," "The Post-November 8, 2016 United States Presidential Elections and the Projection for 2017," Stephen Pidgeon, 2012 Attorney General Candidate for Washington State

CODE: D689

"How to Be a Friend of God," Rev. Norm Willis, Senior Pastor of The Church Without Walls, Kirkland, WA - Rev. Willis speaks of how he named the... More

"Only the Church Can Bring Peace to Kenya" - Nov. 19, 2017, with Bishop Arthur Kitonga, Redeemed Gospel Church, Huruma Nairobi, Kenya Part 2

CODE: DVD020918

Only the Church can bring peace and prosperity to a nation. The Church is at war with Satan and his evil spirits within evil men. Christians must occupy,... More

A Time for War and for Victory

CODE: D731


A Time for War and for Victory Part 2

CODE: D732


AMERIKAN POLICE STATE: NorthCom Rising! (Book)

CODE: B041


(By Terry L. Cook) America's new Gestapo military dictatorship.

Andy Nazario, Ph. D., Assistant Professor: Criminal Justice, Eastern New Mexico University, Department of History, Humanities and Social Sciences - Agenda 21; LIVE Radio Interview with Ye'shi Reinhardt, Hands of Mercy from Sderot, Israel with Dr. Michael Hyodo (CD)

CODE: D577

(60 min.)
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Ann Cassidy DiSanza Spoke on the International Cops for Christ and Dr. Hansen on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Men and Angels Working Together

CODE: D708


Arch Bonnema, Businessman & Economist from Dallas, Texas (2 DVD Set)



Arch shares how the U.S. Government is no longer on a gold standard to back its currency U.S. propping up stock market by printing $85 Billion per month and buying stock - Cyprus stole their citizens' money from their bank accounts to save economy - Mr. Bonnema gives examples of things that can trigger "Black Swan Events" - War on Christianity in America - "Has Noah's Ark Been Found?" - Dr. Hansen and Arch Bonnema discuss the expedition that Arch joined to find Noah's Ark north of Tehran, Iran in 2006 - Arch tells how there have been many expeditions to Mt. Ararat in Turkey to find Noah's Ark; all with no success - Turkey's Mt. Ararat didn't possess its present name until Marco Polo heard from some Armenians in the 13th century that they thought that Noah's Ark was on a particular mountain in Turkey; so he named it Mt. Ararat on his map.

Attorney Stephen Pidgeon - "Behold! A Pale Green Horse" (Green/Eco-Fascism) (DVD)

CODE: DVD080811

The four horses of the Apocalypse - Photos of: war; symbols of the Global Warming agenda; the Georgia Guidestones; Politicians & law officers working with Dr. Hansen to fight for America; Luciferian worshipers; Various world elitists involved in the NWO Eco-Fascism; U.N. Agenda 21 map of U.S. - Global Warming is a LIE to control people and to kill billions - News articles of: NGOs set on depopulating the earth; U.S. economic crisis; Christians & Patriots looked upon as terrorists; U.S. politicians committing treason; U.S. Government attempting to control churches; Scientists disagree with the Global Warming lies; U.N. Agenda 21 is a tool to depopulate the earth; Weaponized bio-attack in Germany; Bill Gates pushing to enact population control through vaccinations; NWO elitists are genocidalists; U.S. Government destroying agricultural land - Climate Action Network (over 365 NGOs) working to limit human-induced climate change to ecologically sustainable levels - U.S. Government agencies backing the Global Warming agenda.

Attorney Stephen Pidgeon - World Economic Collapse and the Liberal Left (DVD)

CODE: DVD080111

News Articles: Obama's ineligibility to serve as U.S. President; Economic collapse in U.S. & Globally; U.S. Constitution; U.S. industry moved overseas; Social Security in permanent deficit; U.S. spending exceeding GDP; Stock Market 2008 Crash; U.S. at bottom of list of World Debtors; 1929 Stock Market Crash; Government abuse of Eminent Domain; Chinese Housing Bubble; congress wanting to audit Federal Reserve; Ukraine cutting barley export to Europe; NWO conspiracy and execution of economic destruction of U.S. and other nations; Obama sending U.S. taxpayer dollars to bail out other nations; NWO's ethnic genocidalism for the purpose of depopulation; Federal Government restricting food & water production by civilian public; Ezekiel Emanuel exposed as genocidalist; Janet Napolitano names Christians as enemies of the State.

Attorney Stephen Pidgeon on the Muslim Brotherhood, World Economic Collapse and the Liberal Left (CD)

CODE: D489

Attorney Stephen Pidgeon speaks on the Muslim Brotherhood and the secret plan to destroy the Western Civilization from within. Dr Hansen and Attorney... More
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Attorney Stephen Pidgeon, Author of the Book "Behold! A Pale Green Horse!" & Prosper Ndabishuriye - August 2011 - Burundi - Radio Studio - Leadership (CD)

CODE: D493

Scientists disagree with the Global Warming lies. Christians & Patriots looked upon as terrorists. U.N. Agenda 21 is a tool to depopulate the earth. Bill Gates pushing to enact population control through vaccinations.
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Behold! A Pale Green Horse (Book)

CODE: B051


By Attorney Stephen Pidgeon

An exhaustive review of the Green Agenda and the weapon of the doctrine of Global Warming, examining the intellectual foundations, the key agents, the leaders and the organizations. This book tells the whole tale, naming names, and proving its point.

Behold! A White Horse (Book)

CODE: B050

(By Attorney Stephen Pidgeon) A complete review of scripture in reference to the white horse of Revelation 6, and its application to modern figures.