Evangelist/Pastor Paulette Williams, Honolulu, Hawaii

Evangelist/Pastor Paulette Williams, Honolulu, Hawaii - Church Government - Toothless Eunuchs - Dr. Hansen's prophecies for America and Hawaii (DVD)

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Excerpts from Dr. Hansen's newsletter "Toothless Eunuchs" - Leadership in the church is responsible for the conscience of a nation, in faith and politically - People in leadership without a heart to lead, within the position God placed them, allow deterioration within the culture - People are responsible for the actions of their elected leaders - The 'Hang Loose' spirit's negative influence in Hawaii - Hawaiian church leadership yielded to opposition objections over wearing red shirts, in mass, during protests against homosexual civil unions - The violent hatred of homosexuals toward Christians - Where is the righteous anger in leaders against sins of abomination and immoral laws - Jesus manifested righteous anger when wielding a whip in the temple - 70% of Hawaiian people said no against same-sex marriage, yet politicians forced it through - Hawaiian church leaders acquiescing in resolve in their fight against the homosexual agenda - The value of intercessory prayer for repentance - The sin level in Hawaii is higher than the repentance level, bringing judgment - Lack of repentance brings vexation, which leads to persecution and destruction - Persecution coming to America if church leadership doesn't rise up for Godly values - Excerpt from Dr. Hansen's prophecy to America - Without unity and harmony within the church in America, the nation will suffer - Dr. Hansen's prophecy to Hawaii foretelling great destruction without great repentance - Pastor Williams shares about foretold destruction and death for the island of Oahu, Hawaii - Human sacrifice in Hawaii.

Photos of rallies in Honolulu, Hawaii against civil union bill HB 444.

News articles: Church Asks Followers to Submit to Government, Call 911 on Suspicious Neighbors; Rev. Graham, 'Islam Is Not a Religion of Peace … It Is a Violent Form of Faith'; The Pastor Who Brought Down a Dictator; Bishop tells West, Defeat ISIS or give Christians asylum; Has a Christian Holocaust begun? When will West wake up to ISIS threat; ISIS beheads, pope condemns, Obama golfs; Hawaii Senate passes gay marriage bill; Hawaii to become 16th state to legalize same-sex marriage; Governor signs bill to legalize gay marriage in Hawaii; Students opposed to LGBT agenda shamed in classroom; The emerging intolerance of enforced homo-orthodoxy; Hate Crime, Gay Activists, Brutally Beat Christians in America.

(30 min.)