"How to Move Mountains", International Evangelical Church of Restoration, Raleigh, North Carolina, Jan. 26, 2019 with Apostle Caleb Buna

CODE: DVD021519


Dr. Hansen explains the Biblical definition of a fool as he described it to Rwanda's President of Parliament. Rwanda was damned without a nationwide repentance. Rwanda held seven days of repentance in the national stadium and civil war stopped. The former Rwanda President of Parliament now works for Homeland Security in Washington DC and is working to organize a meeting for Dr. Hansen with President Trump. Donald Trump is as Cyrus and not a savior. There has to be a repentance in the church and overturn laws that bring judgment on a nation. As we grow to know God, we will move with His power. Without the Holy Spirit we have no ministry. Dr. Hansen shares how his prophecy to President Mobutu of Zaire came to pass. Church leaders tried to correct Dr. Hansen about his Mobutu prophecy on East Africa Radio. 2019 is a year of establishment and celebration and a year of battle for families, church and nation. We must know what to do with our enemies; face them, fight them and finish them. According to Revelations, governments are led by evil men led by Satan. In heaven, God's government rules and there is peace. On earth, Satan rules through evil men and Christians are persecuted. It is the responsibility of Christians to rule and bring peace. David told Goliath Who he represented. The Lord of Hosts is the Warrior God. The church is supposed to equip Christians to know how to fight. Photos of: Dr. Hansen and Pastor Adalia with Apostle Caleb and Prophetess Sara Buna; Dr. Hansen with the President of Parliament of Rwanda; Dr. Hansen in a Rwandan church full of the skeletal remains of those slaughtered there during that nation's genocide; Dr. Hansen sharing a word for Fidel Castro in Cuba; President Mobutu of Zaire; a Governor from the D.R.C. that was a guest on the "Warning" TV program. News articles: After 32 years, Mobutu relinquishes power; Mobutu's opponents shut down Zaire's capital; Ousted Zairian president arrives in Morocco; Mobutu dies in exile in Morocco.