Ignite Hawaii Church, Pearl City, Hawaii, with Pastor Eric Hara, Nov. 24, 2018

CODE: DVD122819


If you want to see a miracle, you have to do things that are crazy. When people fall to the ground under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, many try to get back to their feet too soon and not let the Lord minister to them. Wonderful anointed worship is shown. Adalia shares through testimony how we are to align ourselves with God and His will to be prosperous leaders. When we wake in the morning we should ask, "Father, what do You want?" God does what man thinks is crazy and He is seeking people on fire for him. We have to use the weapons of our warfare to gain courage to speak truth to others. Dr. Hansen fasted six weeks before giving warning to the leaders of Rwanda. President Obama threatened African leaders to put abortion, homosexuality and sharia into their constitutions or lose their aid. Angels are present every time someone speaks from a pulpit as witnesses to testify about the speakers on judgment day. We are to lead people to be as the early New Testament church. Just as David was angry about the cowardice of King Saul and his army, we are to be angry about sin and compromise. Dr. Hansen gave a brief testimony of how he surrendered his pride and entered into his ministry. The church isn't ready to meet Jesus because most of the leaders love the world more than God and His Word. Dr. Hansen shares his need for intercessors. Photo and video of Jan Willem van der Hoeven at a January 2015 meeting at the Israel Prayer Tower where he prophesied Donald Trump to be as a Cyrus. Trump isn't a savior, but the church must rise in righteousness to restore the nation under God. Photos of: Pastors of the churches that Dr. Hansen spoke for on this trip; Dr. Hansen with the President of Burundi; Dr. Hansen with the President of Parliament of Rwanda and the skeletal remains of Christians slaughtered in a church. News articles: Obama's Kenyan activities called 'borderline criminal'; Kenya's constitutional vote on sharia courts pits Muslims against Christians; Congressman: Obama buying votes in Kenya; White House Spent $23M of Taxpayer Money to Back Kenyan Constitution That Legalizes Abortion, GOP Reps Say; Uganda President replies Barack Obama on his Reaction to the Anti-Gay Law; Kenyan President to Obama: You Will Not Impose The 'Gay Rights' Agenda In Kenya; Kenyan Leaders Ask Obama to Respect Christian Beliefs, Policies on Homosexuality; Hundreds Of Kenyan Pastors Send A Strong Message To Obama: 'Please, Leave The Preaching To Us'; Zimbabwe President Mugabe Proposes To Obama, Mocks Gay Marriage Supreme Court Decision.