Marty McClendon, 2016 Candidate for Lieutenant Governor, WA State, Republican - Primary Election

CODE: D683


A Lieutenant Governor's Responsibilities - America could be past the point of no return if they don't get it right in the 2016 elections.  Nations prosper when they have righteous leaders.  A nation is cursed under evil leaders.  Marty describes the roles and duties of a Lieutenant Governor.  Washington is the worst state in the union by holding to a liberal agenda.  Marty explains his three "Ms" portion of his platform.  He seeks to lead the state toward honoring God first in all legislation.  There is an attempt to to hide all US history prior to President FDR's tenure so that students aren't exposed to our Christian heritage.  Franklin Graham calls the Obama administration the worst in American history.  America is seen by the rest of the world as a nation without law.  The lawlessness of Hillary Clinton and US corruption are discussed.  The Only Conservative in the Race Coming Against Immorality in Washington State - Marty seeks to restore the Golden Rule back into Washington state government.  Pew Research recently said that 50% of Christians now think that homosexuality is OK.  Dr. Hansen shares historical punishments in the US for those convicted of the crime of homosexuality.  Obama equates those that are opposed to sodomy as terrorists.  Marty calls Governor Insley a sycophant for Obama and the PC agenda.  Marty is passionate for God and wants to restore God in Government.  He is the only conservative in the race for Lieutenant Governor.  America is following the same path toward destruction as Nazi Germany.  Christians are to be proactive in government in order to be blessed.  Pastors are supposed to be biblical pre-eminent leaders in there communities, cities, counties and states.  Pastors are at fault for the decay in their region.  Homosexuality is a learned pattern of behavior.  Seattle is attempting to legalize prostitution.  Is This a Christian Nation? Why has God Called You to Run for Lieutenant Governor? - Dr. Hansen asks Marty if America is a Christian nation.  There has been a direct assault on the Bible in America for more than 50 years.  There has been a push for privileged rights for special interest groups.  Fifty-two percent of people now believe abortion is murder.  America is now like pagan nations in her beliefs.  Muslims are seeking to overtake America.  It is normal Islamic teaching to murder unbelievers, rape women and to convert people to Islam by force.  God's direction for Marty is to be bold and courageous for such a time as this.  The Christian majority in America must stand up for God's righteousness once again. Just a Summary - Marty describes the roles and power of the office of Lieutenant Governor.  Relationship with God and man is critical.  Over 500 pastors are running for elected office throughout America in 2016.  Marty, as a conservative Christian, will seek to change the culture of Washington state government with the Golden Rule.  Marty is passionate about family, God, government and others.  Property is being stolen from land owners in the name of conservation.  Property owners free men.  America is in danger of losing its Christian heritage by those seeking to tear down the nation.  We as a people are responsible to hold politicians accountable to serve the population and not to become dictatorial career politicians.  God has prepared Marty to be bold and courageous for such a time as this. Humanistic Manifesto and Common Core - The answer is 2 Chronicles 7:14 for the government of cities, states and the nation.  Everything against God is all about self and selfishness.  Knowing Jesus is obedience.  Government should not dictate what is marriage and sexuality.  Marty describes the Federal Government mandated "Common Core" education program in public schools.  The role of the Humanistic Manifesto in today's society.  there is an intentional dumbing down of students throughout America.  A recent Stanford University freshman class was composed of 80% home schooled students.  Marty shares the importance of a Christian conservative as Lieutenant Governor. There is a lack of leadership within Washington state and people feel that they don't have a voice politically.