"Media Silent on Christian Persecution" - Stephen Pidgeon, 2012 Attorney General Candidate for Washington State

CODE: DVD041919


People are fearful to speak due to evil and hatred coming out of many leaders today. Since most Christians are carnal, the world is declining in moral decay. The Bible tells of more world wars yet to come. There are many conflicts around the world today. Christianity is under attack more today than ever before in history. Stephen tells of Hindus in India burning a young girl to death for attending a Christian meeting. There is a general silence in media pertaining to Christian persecution. The soul of America has been corrupted by the spirit of Sodom. The blood of some 65M babies cries out from American soil because of their murder through abortion. The "state" wants absolute authoritarianism. Most Christians are in a lukewarm, backslidden state. When you believe in yourself, you eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Dying people realize that material things have no value. Mature Christians have knowledge and power that leftists consider dangerous to their agenda. Elders need to pass on the wisdom and knowledge they posses to the next generation. Countries that adopted the socialist/communist ideology have killed many of their people and suffered economic hardship. Can Muslims be sworn into government office with their hand on the Quran and still uphold the Constitution? Video of Dr. Hansen casting demons out of a woman is shown. News articles: Media Silence Surrounds Muslim Massacre Of Christians; ISIS goes on horrific beheading spree; Leader: ISIS is 'Systematically Beheading Children' in 'Christian Genocide'; Cuomo Signs Historic Abortion Law, Celebrates By Turning One WTC Pink; Virginia Bill Would Legalize Abortion Up to Birth; 29 States and D.C. Permit Abortions of Healthy, Full-Term Babies; New Ontario law allows govt to seize children if parents oppose their 'gender identity'; Oprah's 'Belief' Leads Millions Into False Religious Deception; Spirituality, Not Religion On 'The Oprah Show'; Will -- can -- Omar uphold the Constitution?; Tlaib: Supporters Of Border Wall Are Following A 'White Supremacy Agenda'.