My Father's House Church with Pastor Rose Mulwa in Karen, Kenya, June 3, 2018 "2018 A Time for War and for Victory"

CODE: DVD080318


Only the church can bring peace to any nation if they are under the kingdom of God. Race, tribe and color of skin doesn’t matter in the leadership of any government, leaders must reflect the values of God. The church is at war in this earth because Satan is ruling the earth at this time. Christians cannot rule and reign on earth without tarrying for power from God. Dr. Hansen relates how fasting and prayer brings God's strength to minister with authority. Joseph kept his faith in God, even though he was imprisoned for 13 years. Our attitude determines our victories and health. The Devil wants us to doubt God's Word and His love. Pride stops the Holy Spirit from moving through you. Take authority over the Devil and don't be ignorant of his schemes. Satan seeks to divide the brethren. Lot was close to destruction because he was comfortable with sin around him. The church is to pull down evil spiritual strongholds. Photos of: Dr. Hansen's prophecy for Kenya; Dr. Hansen with senior Kenyan church leaders he met with on this trip; Dr. Hansen officiating Pastor Mulwa receiving her diploma for a Bachelors of Theology; Dr. Hansen with various political leaders around the world. Lively worship in song and dance is shown.