Pastor Jack McKee, Senior Pastor New Life City Church in Belfast, Northern Ireland and Author of the Book "What Does It Take?"

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Pastor Jack tells how the IRA attempted to kill him twice and that he had friends and comrades killed by them while he served in the British military -... More

Ps. Jack McKee, Senior Pastor of New Life City Church in Belfast, Northern Ireland and Author of the Book "What Does it Take?" - Discussing the UK Breaking Away from the EU - Ireland, Religion v. Relationship with Christ - Cycle Cross America 2012 and 2017

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Pastor McKee's most recent book speaks of developing a church in a high conflict situation - New Life City Church is located in a building that is... More

2010 interview with Pastor Jack McKee - Belfast, Northern Ireland (DVD)

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Prophecy to London, England, U.K. - Pastor Jack McKee gives testimony of Muslim airline ticket agent performing their prayer behind the ticket counter in... More

Pastor Jack McKee at the April 17, 2010 WMI Sabbath Meeting, "Getting into the Zone of Servanthood" (CD)

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The conflict between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland - The wall dividing the Shankil and Falls communities of Belfast, Northern Ireland; Theatre purchased to minister to Shankil and Falls communities; The consequence for not obeying terrorist's commands is shooting the back of the knee; Young Catholic man crucified on a fence for entering a protestant community; Several attempts on Pastor Jack's life; Literally taking up a 7 foot wooden cross and walking the Shankil and Falls communities - Giving a gift to the I.R.A. on the "Cross Walk"; Buying a 22,000 sq. ft. warehouse that divides the wall of Belfast for a church building; Terrorist groups give incentive for ex-members to continue in their walk as Christians; You are saved to serve; Testimony of committing to the Lord's service - Testimony of Loren Cunningham, founder of YWAM, surviving a car accident and still determined to serve God; Leadership is not about lordship; Leadership is about taking people where God wants them to go; Where we are, in the Name of Christ, is Holy ground - Moses and Boaz's cousin, surrendering rights; Are we pursuing "Feel Good Factor Churches?"; God, what are you challenging me to do in this situation and what should my response be?; Jesus stepped up, stepped out and stepped in to the zone of servanthood; Dr. Hansen shares testimony of God sovereignly guiding ex-Muslim women to his office in Nairobi, Kenya.

(60 min.)

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( By Jack McKee) The dramatic story of life and ministry in strife-torn Northern Ireland.

Pastor Jack McKee - Ambassadors of Reconciliation - Belfast, Northern Ireland (DVD)

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Ireland: 2 countries on the Island; 32 counties (6 northern & 26 southern) - Ireland suffers from tribalism/cultural war: Protestants allegiance to Britain,... More