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"The Missing Ingredient, Prayer and Fasting" - Anointed Ones Church of Deliverance International, April 13, 2019, with Apostle Ruth Peterson Part 2

CODE: 061419

We all allow the enemy to take advantage of us when we allow sin in our lives. America is ripe for judgment because of sin. The US Supreme Court has... More

"Media Silent on Christian Persecution" - Stephen Pidgeon, 2012 Attorney General Candidate for Washington State

CODE: DVD041919

People are fearful to speak due to evil and hatred coming out of many leaders today. Since most Christians are carnal, the world is declining in moral... More

"America's Current Situation, March 2019" - Stephen Pidgeon, 2012 Attorney General Candidate for Washington State

CODE: DVD041219

Various current news articles are read. Dr. Hansen then reads the titles of some of his most recent newsletters. He reads an excerpt of "For the... More

Prophetic Conference, Spokane, WA, November 3, 2018


Part 1 - Dr. Hansen shares the topics of the conference. Because of America's guilt in the four sins of abomination, judgment unto destruction is... More

Prophetic Conference, Spokane, WA, November 3, 2018 Part 4

CODE: DVD040519

Guest Speaker: Stephen Pidgeon, 2012 Candidate for WA State Attorney General - Pastor Adalia Hansen leads worship with the song "Freedom... More

The Three Most Important Decisions in Life / Exile/Bondage is the Result of Sin - Israel Provoked to Jealousy; Rom 11:7-16 / Effortless Productivity

CODE: D766

The Three Most Important Decisions in Life: Life doesn't always give us what we want but often what we believe. Who will be our master in our lives?... More

Pastor Anwar Fazal and Nida Anwar Fazal, Founders and Co-Chairmen, Eternal Life Ministries, Isaac Television and Eternal Life Television in Pakistan

CODE: DVD090718

Christians are at war with evil spirits, not the Holy Spirit. When the righteous rule, the nations are at peace and when the wicked rule, there is... More

Rev. Dr. Dan Hammer, Senior Pastor, Sonrise Christian Center in Everett, WA

CODE: DVD083118

Dr. Hammer and Dr. Hansen are both board members of the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders. If Christians influence a nation, the people... More

Shai Hermesh, Former Deputy President World Jewish Congress and President World Jewish Congress Israel, at Kibbutz Kfar Aza Feb.14, 2018

CODE: DVD070618

Shai Hermesh describes what an Israeli kibbutz is, historically and now. A socialist ideology evolved towards a capitalistic practice with private... More

Rev. Cindy Lawson, Visa Administrator, University of the Holy Land, Jerusalem, Israel Feb. 17, 2018

CODE: DVD062918

Rev. Lawson tells how God used her service in Thailand to prepare her for work in Israel. She also works with a ministry to serve widows and orphans in... More

Dr. Hansen at the Holocaust Museum in Jeruslaem 2-12-18; Pastor Birlie Belay, Pastor of five Israeli Ethiopian Jewish Congregations, in Jerusalem, Israel 2-15-18; Dr. Hansen speaks in the audience chamber of the Israeli Knesset 2-20-18; and Roy Kendall, sings "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem" at his home in Jerusalem, Israel 2-13-18

CODE: DVD062218

If man doesn't stop his selfishness, God will have to enact judgment against those that act as beasts against their fellow man. There is an ever... More

Dr. Hansen's brief commentary at the Western Wall 2-13-18; Rev. David Pileggi (Rector), Christ Church at Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem, Israel 2-13-18; Dr. Hansen shares briefly from the Jerusalem Prayer Tower 2-19-18

CODE: DVD061518

From the Western Wall Dr. Hansen shares about coming Biblical prophetic events and exhorts believers to be under the blood of Jesus and reject the NWO.... More

Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director of International Chriristian Zionist Center, in Jerusalem, Israel Feb. 15, 2018

CODE: DVD060818

While visiting the Knesset, MK Danny Danon asked Dr. Hansen if he had found President Obama's birth certificate yet. As part of his response to MK... More

Dr. Jurgen Buhler, Director of International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ), in Jerusalem, Israel Feb. 15, 2018

CODE: DVD060118

Jerusalem, Israel is the epicenter of future Bible prophecy events. ICEJ was established in 1980 and now has offices in more than 90 nations. ICEJ tries... More

Dr. Bill Henderson, an original member of John Jacob's Power Team

CODE: DVD050418

Dr. Henderson prays for 12 hours before before preaching. How strong is the Holy Spirit within you in relationship to what media you partake of? Many... More