Apostolic Leader Eric Hurd - Sons of Issachar / Apostolic Leader Caleb Buna - International Evangelical Church of Restoration (IECOR) / The Current American Revolution; Pope Francis' recent conviction of pedophelia and the crimes of Pope Benedict with special Guest Stephen Pidgeon, 2012 Attorney General Candidate for Washington State

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Apostolic Leader Eric Hurd - The Sons of Issachar: 1 Chronicles 12:32 led Eric to become aware of the signs of the times and the need to nurture the same... More

Prophet Nathan Humbyrd: Prophetic Testimony - June 23, 2017 View of America - June 20, 2017 Dream about Barack Obama - June 21, 2017 Dream about Israel - Philippines - How to Be Sent by God, the Timing of God, India

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Prophet Nathan Humbyrd - Prophetic Testimony Prophet Nathan Humbyrd - June 23, 2017 View of America: Nathan points out a slumbering spirit blinding... More