"Only the Church Can Bring Peace to Kenya" - Nov. 19, 2017, with Bishop Arthur Kitonga, Redeemed Gospel Church, Huruma Nairobi, Kenya Part 2

CODE: DVD020918


Only the Church can bring peace and prosperity to a nation. The Church is at war with Satan and his evil spirits within evil men. Christians must occupy, subdue and take dominion throughout the earth. We need the power of the Holy Spirit within us through relationship with God to war spiritually. The Church in Kenya needs to repent of their hypocrisy. Bishops and pastors that called for the killing of people of other tribes must repent. Dr. Hansen describes his 2017 prophetic prayer for President Kim Jong Un at the DMZ. He exhorts the Huruma Redeemed Gospel Church toward revival. The 2,000 Redeemed churches of Kenya can lead the nation into repentance and healing. Truth takes away deception and prayer brings conviction. Through the Church, God reveals His glory throughout all the earth. If we follow the Great Commission, then we will have godly leaders. The Church in America finally understood how close they were to losing their freedoms and elected Donald Trump to preserve the nation. The world elite are trying to put every nation under them in a one world government. President Trump is like a Cyrus in the book of Isaiah. Donald Trump won't save America, but the Church can. The book of Revelation is about to come to pass, with sheep nations and goat nations. Nothing can touch you unless God allows it. Angels are always present and they record every word spoken by the person behind the pulpit as witnesses on the Day of Judgment. Dr. Hansen always warns leaders to speak God's Word without alteration. We need a righteous respect for God and His Word. Photos of: Dr. Hansen's prophecy for Kenya; Dr. Hansen speaking at the 2017 World Holy Spirit Conference in South Korea; 2007 Kenya post-election violence, burnt churches; Diagrams of New World Order symbols and power structure are shown; Dr. Hansen addressing the 2017 conference for the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders. News articles: 5 dead in day of chaos; Obama: America is 'no longer Christian'; Rev. Graham: Obama's Wrong, Islam 'Is a False Religion'; Obama ties same-sex issues to Jesus' Sermon on Mount; Exposing Obama's Abortion Agenda; Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty, Claims British Lord; Bombshell: CNN, Hillary Clinton support Agenda 21 FEMA camps, Population control; Wikileaks Chief Warns Hillary A Threat To 1st Amendment; Proof That Hillary Does Want To Make The Second Amendment Meaningless; Peter Schweizer: The Clintons 'Function As A Kind Of Political Mafia'