Pastor Jack McKee at the April 17, 2010 WMI Sabbath Meeting, "Getting into the Zone of Servanthood" (CD)

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The conflict between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland - The wall dividing the Shankil and Falls communities of Belfast, Northern Ireland; Theatre purchased to minister to Shankil and Falls communities; The consequence for not obeying terrorist's commands is shooting the back of the knee; Young Catholic man crucified on a fence for entering a protestant community; Several attempts on Pastor Jack's life; Literally taking up a 7 foot wooden cross and walking the Shankil and Falls communities - Giving a gift to the I.R.A. on the "Cross Walk"; Buying a 22,000 sq. ft. warehouse that divides the wall of Belfast for a church building; Terrorist groups give incentive for ex-members to continue in their walk as Christians; You are saved to serve; Testimony of committing to the Lord's service - Testimony of Loren Cunningham, founder of YWAM, surviving a car accident and still determined to serve God; Leadership is not about lordship; Leadership is about taking people where God wants them to go; Where we are, in the Name of Christ, is Holy ground - Moses and Boaz's cousin, surrendering rights; Are we pursuing "Feel Good Factor Churches?"; God, what are you challenging me to do in this situation and what should my response be?; Jesus stepped up, stepped out and stepped in to the zone of servanthood; Dr. Hansen shares testimony of God sovereignly guiding ex-Muslim women to his office in Nairobi, Kenya.

(60 min.)