Pastor Jack McKee, Senior Pastor New Life City Church in Belfast, Northern Ireland and Author of the Book "What Does It Take?"

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Pastor Jack tells how the IRA attempted to kill him twice and that he had friends and comrades killed by them while he served in the British military - He has had more threats and attacks against his life as a pastor than while in the military - His home was attacked at night and his car was fire bombed - The Holy Spirit saved his life from an assassination attempt through twenty minutes of prayer - Northern Ireland has been in conflict since 1969 with terror organizations within the Catholic and Protestant communities - Terror organizations have killed young men within his church - The church has a coffee shop, indoor soccer field, preschool and after school child care and a hall used for outreach concerts - Pastor McKee states that leaders and politicians should be more concerned about what the church is saying than the church being concerned about what the politicians are saying - Politicians' first responsibility is to the truth of God's word, more than what the people believe - The people are responsible to vote for politicians that stand for Judeo-Christian values and beliefs - The church has the responsibility to get itself right for a nation to be blessed by God - Pastor Jack has seen former paramilitary combatants, Catholic and Protestant, become Christians and friends worshipping God together - Some paramilitaries in Northern Ireland have taken on attributes like those of organized crime organizations - Video trailer for the book "What Does It Take" - Photos of: Belfast Peace Wall; New Life City Church on the dividing line between the Catholic and Protestant sections of Belfast; Pastor Jack's home and car after a night time attack; Young men of his church that have been murdered by paramilitary terror organizations; The church's Wholly Ground Coffee Shop, indoor soccer field and large hall that is used for concerts; Dr. Hansen with national leaders from around the world - News articles: Northern Ireland police warn of dissident violence to mark Easter Rising; New Violence in Belfast May Be About More Than the Flag