"Persecution in China" and "Persecution of Christians Today" - Stephen Pidgeon, 2012 Attorney General Candidate for Washington State

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"Persecution in China": Leaders in Hong Kong tell Dr. Hansen that the people are losing their freedom. China has been sending 150 communist party members into Hong Kong since Great Britain returned control of the island to them. Dr. Hansen's grandfather was the first Assembly of God missionary in northern China and his father was born in Peking. Christian persecution is escalating in China and Pastor Wang is used as an example. Buddhists and Muslims are also under increased persecution. Dr. Hansen's grandparents and family were held in a prison camp and his uncle was shot in the head there. Communists worship their party above any faith based ideology. Communists worship their party above any faith based ideology. Christianity in China has exploded and there are more Christians than Communist party members. Persecution leads to growth in Christianity. Christians/Christianity is hated by all forms of tyranny. Pastor Wang is openly willing to die for his faith in Jesus, denouncing the wickedness of Communist oppression. Members of Dr. Hansen's family, Hansen and Seaward, have ministered in Asia for more than 90 years. The same forms of persecution in China are being used in other nations, including America. Only Christianity/Christians can bring peace to any nation. Dr. Hansen, WA State Rep. Matt Shea and Attorney Stephen Pidgeon spoke at a conference despite death threats. Stephen elaborates how America has been undergoing a process of demoralization since WWII. China has implemented a nationwide 'Social Credit Score' on its population. This 'Social Credit' Score' relies on software developed by Google and can lead to genocide. Any viewpoint not accepted by those that define the standards of the 'Social Credit Score' are considered radical and thus dangerous to their society.

"Persecution of Christians Today": Pastor Wang is a persecuted Christian in China willing to die for the cause of Christ. As in China, leadership around the world considers Christians to be in the way of totalitarian rule. Hitler, the UN and other leaders dehumanize Christians as an excuse for killing them. The 'Social Credit Score' algorithm was created for China by Google and other social media platforms are adopting such. The 'Social Credit Score' algorithm was created for China by Google and other social media platforms are adopting such. Stephen exhorts those striving towards the transhumanism religion that it is a path to nowhere. Electronic appliances today are being designed to track our every move and word. Social controls are in place today that far exceed what George Orwell predicted. There is an expectancy to adhere to a politically correct social norm at the threat of being cast out of society. CIA Operation Mockingbird is operating in mainstream media. America is the largest debtor nation with an imploding economy. China far exceeds the US economy because political traitors sold our technology to them. Stephen predicts that when the US economy fails, there will be a reset with a new virtual currency implemented. Dr. Hansen tells him how a Senator told him that ships full of guillotines have come to America. He also said that they told him that his name was on a 'Death' list. Historically passive religions are now violently persecuting Christians. Erdogan in Turkey threatens America with war. Steve speaks of persecution in former Soviet bloc nations. Vladimir Putin has married the Russian government with the Russian Orthodox Church. Ukraine is a Nazi state that is registering Jews and persecuting Christians. Faiths that are deemed illegal in the former Soviet bloc nations are mentioned. President Obama's attempt to place Riala Odinga as President of Kenya is addressed. Man doesn't need firearms to kill each other. It's a condition of their heart.