Rev. Dr. Daniel Nalliah: Catch the Fire Ministries, Inc. - Australia; Founder of Rise Up Australia Party (2 DVD Set)


Part 1 - There is Graphic Content, Viewer Discretion is Advised - Dr. Hansen reads a portion of his newsletter "The Church is at War"... More

Dan Matthews, Candidate for Congress, Washington State, 2nd Congressional District (DVD)

CODE: DVD102212

U.S. founding fathers' views of Christianity and government - Map depicting U.S. land allocation under UN Agenda 21 program - Dan's testimony of his family Christian heritage - Candidate Matthews relates why he is running for Congressional office - Dan identifies God's leading to run for office - Dan's goals are to remain connected to his core values and to truly represent his district - Dan believes his opponent has under-represented the people - Dan is for Big Citizen and small government - Dan is against abortion calling it murder of children - News articles of: Obama declares America is 'no longer Christian'; Public schools distorting American history; U.S. Supreme Court ruling on behalf of UN instead of constitutional law

Mary Ruth Edwards, Candidate for Washington State House of Representatives, 16th Legislative District, Pos. 1 (DVD)

CODE: DVD101512


Mary Edwards decided to run for office because the Republican representative of her district is pro-homosexuality, pro-abortion and pro-big government - Mary shares the imporatance of heterosexual marriage as God ordained for society - Maps depicting land re-allocation and ownership in America under UN Agenda 21 program - Photos of political leaders Dr. Hansen is working with to save America - American founding fathers' views and laws in the nation dealing with homosexuality - Images of child development in the womb - Images depicting the procedure of partial birth abortion - Dr. Hansen gives warning of the coming tyranny in America where they are taking away property. 

Pastor Shahram Hadian, Candidate for WA State Governor 2012 and Attorney Stephen Pidgeon, Candidate for WA State Attorney General 2012 (DVD)

CODE: DVD041612


Attorney Pidgeon explains WA State Initiative 1192 and its need to reinforce the state DOMA - Attorney Pidgeon reveals that WA State DOMA statutes are recitations of God's scripture - Attorney Pidgeon relates the imposition of the Islamic practice of dhimitude upon US citizens - Pastor Hadian shares his testimony of flight from Islamic Iran to America, becoming a Christian and then a pastor running for office of Governor of WA State - Dr. Hansen and Pastor Hadian discuss the three choices of peace for infidels under Islam - Shahram states that he is under an Islamic death penalty as an apostate - Pastor Hadian speaks of the need for Godly leaders to be elected to office to clean out corruption - Attorney Pidgeon relates his reason for running for office; the time to fight for liberty and freedom is now.

Dr. Art Coday - Candidate for U.S. Senate for Washington State 2012 (DVD)

CODE: DVD030512

Dr. Coday states the importance of having a free and moral society under God's statues to maintain freedom from government tyranny - Dr. Hansen and Dr. Coday discuss the importance of political leadership upholding God's laws - Dr. Coday shares that political actions taken by present leaders in U.S. federal government are such as we are intended for the destruction of a great nation - U.S. being used by globalists to bribe other nations to accept abortion and homosexuality in their nations or lose their financial aid.

Shahram Hadian - Candidate for Governor in 2012 for Washington State - "Issues Affecting Washington State & Nation" (DVD)

CODE: DVD103111

Mr. Hadian shares that under Islam, martyrdom was the only way to salvation, but the truth of Jesus set his heart free - Mr. Hadian witnessed Iran go from a fairly free nation under the Shah, to a nation that slaughters its own people - Islam's peaceful verses were abrogated by violent verses for Jihad - As Governor, Mr. Hadian would protect us from international law, fight for re-instatement of state constitutional amendment of marriage defined as between one man & one woman and defund Planned Parenthood - Mr. Hadian sees abortion & homosexuality as sin - Illegal immigration shouldn't be handled as a civil rights issue but as a national security threat - Hezbollah and illegal immigrants are going to states, like WA, that have 'sanctuary' policies so as not to be deported when found - Jesus loves the homosexual, abortionist and Muslim, but their behavior brings judgment on them and those that tolerate such.

Shahram Hadian - Candidate for Governor in 2012 for Washington State - "Islam & Sha'riah Law" (DVD)

CODE: DVD102411

Mr. Hadian gives his testimony of fleeing Iran before the overthrow of the Shah - Mr. Hadian expresses his concern over the rise of "Chrislam" in America - Pictures of the Islamic Haaj in Mecca - Islam's betrayal of dissidents who helped overthrow the Shah in Iran; many disappeared, fled or killed (est. 300,000 in less than four years) - Mr. Hadian states that he doesn't know a single Christian, that came out of Islam, that will glorify Islam, but rather denounces Islam totally - Mr. Hadian's testimony of how God's truth broke his heart and led him to Christianity - Shahram tells how Muslims are commanded to lie to non-believers to advance Islam.

American & Kenya Elections 2012 (DVD)

CODE: DVD082911

Guests: Solomon Kimuyu, PhD, Candidate for Member of Parliament in Kenya; Shahran Hadian, Candidate for Governor of Washington State; Attorney Stephen Pidgeon - Dr. Kimuyu states that there is a leadership crisis, politically and spiritually, enabling Islam to spread in Kenya - Mr. Hadian relates that he is a former Muslim from Iran and is now a Christian pastor running for governor of Washington state - Mr. Hadian gives first-hand testimony of Islam's danger and how Iran regressed 300 years after the Islamic revolution - Revolution taking place in many Muslim nations are all heading toward a new Muslim caliphate - The lie of Islam's definition of peace - National decline is due to the failure of leadership in the Church - Church leadership received bribes from Obama to allow constitutional change in Kenya making room for Shari'ah law and abortion - Attorney Pidgeon explains the laws that President Obama violated - Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan's conflict of interest.

Mark Hargrove - State Representative Candidate, 47th District - Position 1, WA State House of Representatives (DVD)

CODE: DVD092010

August 30, 2010 Fox News: Divine Destiny in Restoring Honor - America owes her liberty and freedom to the "Black Robe Brigade" (Pastors) who led the American... More

Washington State Senator Joseph Zarelli and His Wife Tani (DVD)

CODE: DVD030110

Aaron Klein's book, "The Late Great State of Israel" - Economic downturn and the nationalization of major corporations - Senator Zarelli marks the socialist... More

Clint Didier - U.S. Senate Candidate for Washington State (DVD)

CODE: DVD012510

Two-time Washington Redskins Super Bowl Champions under Head Coach Joe Gibbs - Running for U.S. Senate against Senator Patty Murray - Democrat and Republican... More