Prophetic Conference, Spokane, WA, November 3, 2018 Part 3

CODE: DVD032919


Guest Speaker: State Representative Matt Shea, 4th District, Washington State House of Representatives - Countries with gun confiscation historically have had mass deaths within their populations. Conference topics are elaborated upon. Dr. Hansen names his recent prophetic newsletters. Only the church can bring peace to any nation. George Soros is shown to fund defamatory hit articles in the news media against conservatives. State produced maps show the political divide in Washington State. Morality issues are important for the health of society, states and nation. Matt proves that America is a Christian nation. He cites historical documents, US Government actions and US Supreme Court findings, as matter of fact, that show America is a Christian nation. Atheist, Communist Chinese recognize America as a Christian Nation. The open market prices of baby body parts is shown and there is a University of Washington lab that is known to sell some of these body parts. Washington State's lack of disaster preparedness is exposed. A graph is shown of state spending on education vs. testing scores. Matt gives a personal example of how we, as Christians, are to bless those that persecute us. Matt uses various maps to show the ideological divides in America. Thomas Jefferson warned of the hazard of greater population density for society. Tighter gun control is shown to lead to higher homicide rates. Differences in American culture are shown not to be along urban/rural lines. When Christianity moved west as America was growing, it led to the current makeup of cultural demographics and voting practices. The America that existed when today's elder generation was young is still there if we want it to be. Christians are in a spiritual war to fight on behalf of the leaders who are sharing truth to save the soul of our nation. Photos of: Rep. Matt Shea; Attorney Stephen Pidgeon; Matt's PowerPoint slides showing evidence documents, maps, charts and video of Deep State operations.