Prophetic Conference, Spokane, WA, November 3, 2018 Part 4

CODE: DVD040519


Guest Speaker: Stephen Pidgeon, 2012 Candidate for WA State Attorney General - Pastor Adalia Hansen leads worship with the song "Freedom Reigns" - Stephen Pidgeon shares about Supreme Court ruled protected sexual orientations. Conference topics are listed. Leftists hold such hatred for conservatives and wish to assassinate President Trump. There are four world wars yet to come and Dr. Hansen briefly describes them. Attorney Pidgeon points out that there is a concerted effort to demoralize our society. He further states what is needed for our remoralization. Stephen tells Katy Perry that God can make her pact with Satan null/void and clean up her life. Abraham Lincoln called America to repent, fast and pray in order to return the nation to our Christian moorings. There is no direct succession from the apostle Peter to the Catholic Popes. Evidence is shared showing that Peter was never in Rome, nor was he Catholic. President Abraham Lincoln stated that Jesuits from the Catholic Church were to blame for the US Civil War and knew that they were to blame for toppling several nations. Catholicism was originally outlawed in America. President Lincoln said the Jesuits had attempted to kill him several times and he knew that if he were ever assassinated, it would be by the Jesuits. The Popes are Anti-Semitic and aligned themselves with the Nazis in WWII. The Popes want to lead the New World Order (NWO). Pope Francis is pushing toward a one world religion. Just as Germany started the first two world wars, they will start the next one. Civil war is coming to America again. World leaders speak of globalism and yet they accuse conservatives of right wing extremism when they mention it. We should hate what God hates and love what God loves. Photos of: Rep. Matt Shea; Attorney Stephen Pidgeon; the book "Jefferson's War"; a map depicting the geographic regions of the NWO; organizational charts depicting some NWO structure.  Dr. Hansen's newsletters: World Wars Yet To Come; Abraham Lincoln calls the United States of America to Repent, Fast and Pray!; The Great Falling Away - Protestants and the Pope (Parts 1&2). News articles: Assassination threats against Trump flood Twitter; Trump Haters Call for Presidential Assassination; Pope Urges Forming New World Economic Order to Work for the 'Common Good'; Book Paints WWII Pope As Hitler Ally - Author: Vatican Files Show Pius Hated Jews; Vatican synod calls for end to Israel's 'occupation'; Pope Francis And Rick Warren To Unite For Global Chrislam Conference; From Antichrist to Brother in Christ: How Protestant Pastors View the Pope; Why Did Copeland, Robison Meet With Pope Francis?; Vatican makes history: Pope allows Islamic prayers, Koran readings; Pope and grand imam sign historic pledge of fraternity in UAE; Push For One World Religion As Pope & Muslim Imam Sign Interfaith Covenant; Putin: Trump Win Is A Massive Defeat For New World Order; Donald Trump, Slayer of New World Order Dragons; New World Order Globalists Vs, Trump; Kissinger: Obama primed to create 'New World Order'; Henry Kissinger: The world must forge a new world order or retreat to chaos; Obama calls for new era in world relations.