Ps. Jack McKee, Senior Pastor of New Life City Church in Belfast, Northern Ireland and Author of the Book "What Does it Take?" - Discussing the UK Breaking Away from the EU - Ireland, Religion v. Relationship with Christ - Cycle Cross America 2012 and 2017

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Pastor McKee's most recent book speaks of developing a church in a high conflict situation - New Life City Church is located in a building that is part of the dividing wall separating the Protestant and Catholic sides of Belfast - The I.R.A. attempted to kill Jack twice while he was serving as a British soldier - Pastor Jack has seen more death threats as a pastor than as a soldier - Pastor Jack's testimony of how someone feeling the need to pray for his safety one night at church saved his life from an assassination attempt by two gunmen at his home - Northern Ireland has been in conflict since 1969 where many Catholics object to the British Protestant presence there - Pastor McKee is targeted for death by terrorist organizations on both sides of the conflict - New Life City Church has a coffee shop, an indoor soccer field, a preschool and an after school play group that is open to the communities on both sides of the peace wall for the purpose of outreach - Pastor McKee speaks of how New Life City Church ministers to Belfast - Many people are so fixated with who holds a political office and what they have to say that they aren't concerned about what God's Word says - Christians must represent God in such a manner that politicians should be concerned about what the Church has to say - Christian politicians must hold to the standard of God's Word rather than compromising to maintain political position - Nations backing Judeo-Christian values and beliefs are blessed by God, not doing so brings curses - There is a movement toward peace in Northern Ireland but relationship with Jesus is the answer - If Christians would fulfill the great commission, their nation would be blessed - New Life City Church is uniting people from both sides of the Peace Wall through salvation in Jesus, including former enemy terrorist combatants - Northern Ireland has been in conflict since 1969, Catholic v. Protestant - Religion is not the answer, but a relationship with Jesus is - Christians don't kill one another - Vote for politicians that best represent Judeo-Christian values and beliefs - Liberals that want abortion are those that want to impose their beliefs against Christians and God's Word - Nowhere in the Word is the world commanded to go to church, but the church is commanded to take the Gospel to the world - The Mafia goes to church; going to church doesn't make you a Christian - Being born in a Christian country or family does not make you a Christian - Just because you call yourself a follower of Jesus doesn't make you a Christian - Northern Ireland needs the church to be the church to reach the people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ - The similarity of the need for peace in Jerusalem, Israel and Ireland - Northern Ireland and the U.K. may secede from the E.U. - The E.U. started as an economic union and has grown to become political and dictate law on nations - There is an attempt to steer the E.U. from Judeo-Christian values - Islam's threat to Europe - Those that say all religions worship the same god don't know the God Jehovah - Those that state their god justifies murderous violence do not worship the God of the Bible - A Northern Ireland pastor was taken to court for two years for saying Islam was spawned in hell - Terrorists are always trying to influence you through fear in political correctness - Immigrants must adopt your culture and not force their culture on you - Pastor Jack walked the wall of Belfast carrying a 12 foot cross that had a plaque with John 3:16 written on it - Pastor Jack was almost arrested in Los Cruces, NM and Alamo, TX for carrying a cross - The Cycle Cross America team traveled from Los Angeles, CA to Jacksonville, FL - Another trip is planned to travel from Canada into Mexico in 2017 to bring awareness to the violence in Northern Ireland - Miracle of a young female drug addict transformed through salvation, in Jesus in just four months - Pastor McKee's youngest granddaughter healed of a life threatening birth disorder through prayer - Former Northern Ireland terrorist combatants now love each other after receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior