Rev. Cindy Lawson, Visa Administrator, University of the Holy Land, Jerusalem, Israel Feb. 17, 2018

CODE: DVD062918


Rev. Lawson tells how God used her service in Thailand to prepare her for work in Israel. She also works with a ministry to serve widows and orphans in Kenya. Without a heart for the downtrodden, widows and orphans, a Christian has missed the heart of God. Cindy had to learn to have an Eastern and global understanding of the Bible to properly serve people. Cindy shares three observations that greatly encourage her about Israel. Dr. Hansen shares his testimony of ex-Muslim women that God led to him at his Kenya office. Rev. Lawson expresses concern of how Christians need to drop their denominational boundaries. She is working to bring Christians back to their Jewish roots and Torah. The New Testament cannot be fully understood without understanding the Old Testament. The Bible is one book from cover to cover. There cannot be true revival without a proper understanding of sin. Cindy shares the one thing that changes God's mind. Understanding mercy and grace will lead to protecting the innocent. God's work is done through those with faith in God. Photos of: Israeli leaders Dr. Hansen interviewed throughout Israel; Dr. Hansen at different locations for commentaries; several genocidal leaders of nations; WMI benevolence work around the world. News articles: Trump Recognizes Jerusalem As Israel's Capital, Announces U.S. Embassy Move; Trump Announces Jerusalem as Capital of Israel and Orders the U.S. Embassy to Move - Fulfilling Another Promise to Evangelicals; Trump to Israel Hayom: Jerusalem announcement was the highlight of my term; Israel Is Celebrating the Opening of the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem; Dozens killed as U.S. Embassy opens in Jerusalem; Iran Unveils New Homemade Nuclear-Capable Ballistic Missiles Amid Massive War Celebrations; Iran Unveils Two Nuclear-Capable Ballistic Missiles After Israel Attack On Syria; Church of England Head Denies Sodomy is Sin; Church supports move to legalize sodomy in Trinidad and Tobago; Most U.S. Christian groups grow more accepting of homosexuality.