"Sons of Issachar", "The Vision of the House", "2019, The Year of Establishment and Celebration", International Evangelical Church of Restoration in Raleigh, North Carolina, Jan. 27, 2019 with Apostle Caleb Buna Part 2

CODE: DVD030819


The anointing of God gives the ability to lead others to peace. To have authority, one must be under authority. Team ministry is essential for the success of any church. God gives the "Setman" the vision and philosophy of any church and it is for others in attendance to back and promote the vision of the house. God's method is a man and you are that man. Clothe Christ in the garments of the people. Communicate Christ in the language of the people. The decision of the church determines the destiny of the nation.  A strong, growing church will influence the churches and community around them. The people of the church are called to battle and warfare in victory. We must rise up for God as David did against Goliath.  People raised up under an Issachar can have champion faith for victory over their enemies. We are called to be God's ambassadors, to release the goodness of God wherever we are. The pastor's job is to train the church goers to do the work of the ministry. Dr. Hansen shares his testimony of adopting his African daughter in Kenya and the national court fight he went through for her adoption. Muslims tried to decapitate her as a one month premature baby. He made a formal complaint against a High Court judge that was making decisions out of fear of Muslim threats to burn down churches. The Chief Justice decided to hear the case himself in private chambers. Four years later, in a Washington state hospital, she was in a coma and dying in an operating room. God told him to pray for her. She was miraculously healed beyond what man can do. Photos of: Dr. Hansen and Pastor Adalia with Apostle Caleb and Prophetess Sara Buna; Apostle Ronald Cottle; Apostle John Kelly; Dr. Hansen's adopted African daughter on the front page of the "Nation" news paper of Kenya, while on life support and after her healing.