"Angels, Men and the Holy Spirit Working to Take Cities, States and Nations" at Beacon of Truth Church in Richmond, Kansas with Apostle Reuben Esh, Sept. 30, 2017 Evening Service

CODE: D723


"Eschatology and Absolute Truth" at Beacon of Truth Church in Richmond, Kansas with Apostle Reuben Esh, Oct 1, 2017 Evening Service

CODE: D724


A Life Worth Living with No Regrets - Pillar of Truth Ministries, Hamilton, MT Jan. 7, 2017 AM Service

CODE: D691


A Time for War and for Victory

CODE: D731


A Time for War and for Victory Part 2

CODE: D732



CODE: B033


(By Flo Ellers) Keys to Releasing the Holy Spirit and the Miraculous.

Ann Cassidy DiSanza Spoke on the International Cops for Christ and Dr. Hansen on the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Men and Angels Working Together

CODE: D708


Boundaries for Victory

CODE: D694


Bree Keyton, Bree Keyton Ministries, Saving the Pygmies of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

CODE: D711


Cannibalism of the Pygmies and the Scourge of Bitterness - Dr. Bree Keyton

CODE: DVD122515

Dr. Keyton shares how she has led nearly 70,000 Pygmies to Salvation in Jesus - It used to be just the Joseph Kony rebels on the D.R.C. that would hunt... More

Dr. Flo E. Ellers - Global Glory Ministries - Native American (DVD)

CODE: DVD060809

Watchers/Angels ready to execute judgment - Releasing & purpose of the Holy Spirit - The Holy Spirit & martyrs - Angels on assignment - Indian culture vs.... More

Dr. Hansen at Deliverance Church, Langata, Nairobi, Kenya with Bishop Geoffrey Njuguna August 13, 2017

CODE: DVD091517

Kenya's 2017 presidential election is being rerun due to Supreme Court ruling. It's the church's responsibility to bring righteous leaders... More

Dr. Hansen at Liberty Christian Centre, Nairobi, Kenya with Bishop Dr. Kepha N. Omae, May 14, 2017 Part 3

CODE: DVD081117

Dr. Hansen shares how he traveled to Burundi and Rwanda to share prophetic words to both nations during times of mass genocide, because of the failure of... More

Dr. Hansen at My Father's House Ministries - God uses you to reach nations. How do we move with God?

CODE: D698


Dr. Hansen is Interviewed on TruNews by Rick Wiles Nov. 30 and Dec. 1, 2015: Muslim invasion, WWIII and New World Order, Dr. Hansen's prophecy to America and further revelations added to it

CODE: D672