Doug and Rene' Brecto - Multiple Sclerosis - The Promises of God, Divine Healing (DVD)

CODE: DVD100915

(30 min.)

"Living Faith" - Ron Marlow, a dying WMI volunteer staff member that yet portrays the fruit of the Holy Spirit, the character of God (DVD)

CODE: DVD100215

Dr. Hansen's brief testimony of God miraculously healing him of Pancreatitis, nodules on his lung, possible cancer cyst in his kidney and a swollen... More

Dr. Stan Fleming, a Former Bottom Level Paranoid Schizophrenic with Delusions of Grandeur; Now Founder/President of Gate Breaker Ministries, Missions (DVD)

CODE: DVD070414

Dr. Fleming shares his testimony of falling into severe depression and search for truth after the tragic death of a very close teen friend - While in... More

Dr. Flo Ellers' Book "Chief Walking Tall" - A Tlingit Indian from Klawock, Alaska with a Revival Message for All the Native American Tribes (DVD)

CODE: DVD062014

Dr. Hansen reads an excerpt from the foreword that he wrote for Flo Ellers' book "Chief Walking Tall" - Flo's book exposes how... More

Dr. Hansen Interviews Tom & Deborah Gliebe (FireGate Ministries International) talk about Fiji, Miracles & Salvation (DVD)

CODE: DVD030711

Many scriptures read concerning last days - In the last days our works will be tested by fire - Video of Gliebe's ministering in Votophone National Stadium... More

Tom & Deborah Gliebe - FireGate Ministries International (DVD)

CODE: DVD060710

Pictures of Goths - The Revelation 13 mark of the beast will soon be upon us (microchips) - U.S. lawmakers working toward the New World Order - April 2010 BP... More


CODE: DVD101603

Testimonies of Denver Crusade including miracle healings. (30 min.)