The 6th World Holy Spirit Ministry International Conference, South Korea, Oct. 12, 2016 - Dr. Hansen's closing message "The Holy Spirit Saving Korea and the Nations" Part 1

CODE: DVD123016


Guests: Dr. EJ Buckardt and Dr. Michael Hyodo - The League of Nations didn't keep peace after WWI. The UN hasn't ended conflict or fighting since WWII. The beast spirits of Russia, China and Islam are rising again. Iran is threatening nuclear conflict as a means to usher in the Islamic Mahdi. The Bible speaks of a New World Order and one world government. The homosexual spirit is backed by the UN and EU and is against Judeo-Christian values and beliefs. Homosexual friendly laws in America are a direct attack against God. The Church is at was whether they believe it or not. Governments around the world tell Dr. Hansen they are working to create a global government/economy. Christians are at war with evil men influenced by evil spirits. Many American politicians are aware that we are fighting for our literal freedom. Dr. Hansen was interrogated by US Secret Service at his offices. If America loses its fight against the NWO, 25 million Christians are scheduled for immediate death. Christian pastors were the military officers in the American Revolutionary War. God rules in heaven and Satan rules on earth through evil men. The purpose for God's people is to make disciples of the inhabitants of the earth. The book of Revelations tell us that more than 2 billion people will die. Intercession/prayer is important, but it takes people to do battle with evil men with the Gospel. When a believer spends time with God in His Word and prayer, the Lord gives His power to the person to move with and demonstrate His power. - Photos of: Dr. Buckardt and Dr. Hyodo speaking in Korea; WMI benevolence work around the world; Political leaders around the world that Dr. Hansen has met with; Global map showing national Nuclear weapon numbers - News articles: Russia's Rise To Global Power. How will President Putin "Play this Game?"; China: Rise, Fall and Re-Emergence as a Global Power; A Religious Forecast For 2050: Atheism Is Down, Islam Is Rising; Iran Threatens the US and the Middle East: Stay Away from Our Redlines. Obama's Response?; New Evidence Reveals Iran Evaded Sanctions, Continued Nuclear Weapon Development With Venezuela