"The Apostolic Church Bringing Transformation in a Nation" - Saturday first session, 9-8-18, Asia Apostolic Alliance Conference with Vee Sitoh at Ambassador Assembly Church, Dr. Timothy Yeung, Hong Kong - Part 1

CODE: DVD102618


If the church doesn't influence their regions towards the values of God, evil men will rise up and persecute the population. Dr. Hansen tells how prophecy given to him by God enables him to meet with international political leaders. He expounds on the prophecy he was given for Hong Kong in 1994. There needs to be an apostolic church in Hong Kong in order to have peace. The church is currently divided and operated in pride. The church's purpose is to fill the earth with the glory of God. The importance of spending quality time with God is stressed to be endowed with God's power for ministry. We have a responsibility to be ambassadors of Jesus to the nations. We are supposed to take dominion or evil men will rule. Evil men are ruling because the church doesn't have a kingdom mentality of taking dominion. Dr. Hansen describes how he, as a mature apostle with anointing, can break down barriers of division to bring church leaders that don't like each other together to unite the believers in a nation. The prophecy for Hong Kong is a warning of what could happen if the church doesn't repent of their selfishness and failing to make disciples. We are not to wait for Jesus to return before we fight for the nations for God. There is a spiritual shift taking place where the apostolic and prophetic offices and authority is being restored. One of the first goals of national coalitions is to restore the church to the apostolic pattern as held by Jesus and the first century church. The church is supposed to take dominion of all the culture and society around them. It's time to take authority over anything anti-Christ. The church is supposed to focus on building God's kingdom and not their personal kingdoms. Dr. Hansen shared how he pastored five rapid growing apostolic churches. Video of pure and joyful worship is shown.  Photos of: several apostolic leaders from around the Asia region in attendance at the conference; Dr. Hansen's prophecy for Hong Kong; various international political leaders visited by Dr. Hansen; Dr. Hansen visiting a Full Gospel Businessmen's meeting in Malaysia.