"The apostolic church has champion faith that never gives up hope to fulfill the vision of the house" - Sunday 9-16-18, Asia Apostolic Alliance Conference with Vee Sitoh at Evangelical Christian Assembly, Pastor Alice Leecy, Kuala Lumpur, Malayasia

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Sometimes what God asks can seem insane, yet He wants to reveal Himself through miracles. Some youth worship God through dance. Hope is the most important ingredient in a life of faith. Apostolic churches move through intimacy with God, abounding in hope and faith. Apostolic leaders bring reconciliation between ethnic groups to unite the church in God for transformation of the culture and society. Spiritual fathers see your future. Apostolic leader Dr. Rick Seaward is given as an example of one who built a powerful New Testament church. You can only go beyond your present with someone that can see your future. You are capable of a lot more than you're currently qualified for. God qualifies His called. We need to see with spiritual eyes to release the goodness of God. Christ is the Head of the church and He governs through His chosen ordained leaders. Elders are to share in the senior pastor's vision. When leaders are added to a church, they must be birthed in the vision of the house. David's faithfulness aided him in developing his faith to defeat Goliath and to later mature into becoming king. David knew Goliath was in trouble for defying God and that someone was needed to execute judgment against the blasphemer. David became a somebody when he rose up to fight Goliath with faith in God. Dr. Hansen explains how God used him to address the parliament of a nation in genocide and his meeting led to national repentance and the end of civil war. God wants to use you as His ambassador to do what His Word can do. Photos of: leaders attending the conference; Apostolic leader Dr. Rick Seaward; Dr. Hansen with various political world leaders.