"The apostolic led, prophetic inspired people and the local church" - Monday 9-17-18, Asia Apostolic Alliance Conference with Vee Sitoh at Evangelical Christian Assembly, Pastor Alice Leecy, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

CODE: DVD121418


When Dr. Hansen goes to speak at the World Holy Spirit Conference in Korea, he spends a day at Prayer Mountain to get God's direction for the country. Dr. Hansen shares video of joyful worshippers. The church is supposed to be involved in worldwide spiritual warfare to bring in the great end time harvest. Daily submission of our will is needed before we become effective ambassadors of God. The strongholds that Christians are supposed to pull down are addressed. When you are willing to die for your faith, you become very dangerous to the enemy. Dr. Hansen tells how he had been intimidated by some political leaders of another nation. The violent/passionate take victory by force. He mentions how a $5M monthly budget is needed for him to fight against the brain washing on mainstream media in every nation. The sons of Issachar knew the signs of the times and made others aware to prepare for victory and prosperity in times of trial. We are responsible to do what Jesus did while He was on earth. This is an extreme honor. There is great excitement in working with like-minded Christian warriors to lead nations toward God. We are to take over everything that is being used by anti-Christ and make it healthy and wholesome for God's glory. We cannot avoid warfare. The Great Commission is a declaration of war. The church is about multiplying and filling the earth with the glory of God. The apostle Paul gave the church strategy, methodology and purpose to take the nations for God. Photos of: international leaders attending this apostolic conference; international political and church leaders that Dr. Hansen works with.