The Church's Role in a Nation - Bishop Rev. Dr. Geoffrey Njuguna, Senior Pastor Deliverence Lang'ata Nairobi, Kenya

CODE: DVD012618


Dr. Hansen reads a brief bio of Bishop Geoffrey Njuguna. The five bullet points of Dr. Hansen's Kenya prophecy are shared. There could be civil war after the two 2017 Kenya national elections. The role of the church in social transformation is discussed. It is believed that Kenya has a prophetic role in this time and there is a spiritual and physical war to block it. There is much provocation to bring violence and destruction to Kenya. The word Kenya in Hebrew means "nest," and the enemy is trying to destroy the prophetic "nest" of Kenya. There is no Kenya political party that is spiritual, parties should not be blindly supported but the most righteous leaders should be elected - vote Kingdom. The role of the church as an agent of spiritual transformation is explained. The sin of the commercialization of the Gospel must be repented of. Bishop Njuguna believes the location of Deliverence Church Lang'ata has a prophetic role for the nation. The 'Great Commision' is described as spiritual warfare. The church has the role of leading in national reconciliation. The violent political agitation within Kenya is thought to be funded by George Soros to lead the nation into the New World Order. The church should take up its role in influencing national leaders toward godliness. A national repentance strategy should be implimented in nations throughout the world. Dr. Hansen's prophecy for Kenya is shown. News articles: Kenya At The Blink Of Civil War Between Uhuru Kenyatta And Raila Odinga Supporters; Uhuru, Raila, this is how civil wars begin; 5 dead in day of chaos; Homecoming - Nasa leader Raila Odinga returns after 10-day trip to US and Europe; Kenya Supreme Court Nullifies Presidential Election; Kenya sets presidential election rerun for October 17; Uhuru Kenyatta wins controversial Kenyan poll rerun; NASA threatens to declare Raila Odinga president if Uhuru is sworn in; Kenya government threatens Raila Odinga with 'treason' charge over swearing-in; At least 24 reportedly killed in Kenya post-election violence; Kenya: Post-election Killings, Abuse; Kenya in limbo as post-election chaos worsens; Clashes and violence continue after Kenya's disputed repeat presidential election