"The Faith of a Champion in an Apostolic Church" - Sunday 9-9-18, Asia Apostolic Alliance Conference with Vee Sitoh at Ambassador Assembly Church, Dr. Timothy Yeung, Hong Kong

CODE: DVD101918


We must be trained in the weapons of our warfare. David was greatly angered at Goliath for blaspheming God. All over the world there are leaders blaspheming God. Believers must grow in righteous anger over the blaspheming of God. David wasn't afraid of Goliath the giant, because of his developing faith. As you continue daily in God's Word, you develop the gifts of the Spirit and champion faith. David was angry at Saul and his army for cowering in fear of Goliath. Fear = Pride = Selfishness. We are to fear nobody because the Spirit of God is within all believers. God's Word can do what God can do. David was more determined to destroy his enemy when he saw the fear of Saul and his army before Goliath. David knew that God needed a champion to be used to defeat His enemy. Leaders must confront sin or get out from behind the pulpit. God wants to manifest Himself through His people with champion faith. David daily prepared himself to war for God. The day of battle is the day of advancement. After victory, a nobody becomes a somebody. David was faithful in his father's house, had a tender heart of worship, understood covenant concepts and understood faith principals. Champion faith comes with knowing angels are with you and that nothing can touch you unless God allows it. Video of heart felt worship. Photos of: Apostle Vee Sitoh, Asia Apostolic Alliance; Hong Kong typhoon damage; the power of God in church services; Dr. Timothy Yeung, Ambassador Assembly Church, Hong Kong; apostolic leaders from around the world that Dr. Hansen works with; Dr. Hansen with various world political leaders.