The Primary Error in Word of Faith Teaching / Mueller/Collusion Story; The Current American Revolution with special Guest Stephen Pidgeon, 2012 Attorney General Candidate for Washington State / Adalia Dorcas Peace - Brokenness

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The Primary Error in Word of Faith Teaching: Ministers of the Gospel must be filled with the Spirit of God, solid with the Word of God and rightly dividing it, and with God's unconditional love to come against heresy wherever we encounter it. We need to allow the Holy Spirit show us the needs of people around us to minister to them. Some within the 'word of faith' movement have taken Scripture out of context to promote materially glutinous living. Some even believe that believers should never experience accidents, illness or loss because of faith in God. Dr. Hansen defines the gift of faith. A pastor of one 'word of faith' church asked a couple to leave the church because their faith wasn't strong enough to prevent an accident. People within this movement believe that the promises are absolute for everyone and ignore God's sovereignty over people and circumstances. Faith is something that God gives. The 'word of faith' believers look at faith as a rugged individualism that think that it's all up to them. All God's promises are under his sovereignty and King David is shared as an example of faith under His sovereignty. We should never judge when another Christian gets sick, has an accident or dies. Just because we may get sick or have an accident, it doesn't always mean it's our fault. We would love to have the promises to be absolute, but they are generalizations. We must always be studying, meditating on the Word of God and praying to walk uprightly and see God's miracles, but God's sovereignty always remains. Commit others to the sovereignty of God and believe for a miracle and avoid judging them. The example of the three young men that were threatened with being thrown into a furnace was shared to be an example of entrusting themselves into God's sovereignty. For the believer, death is promotion and many heathen have come to faith because of watching the death of those who wouldn't renounce their faith.

Mueller / Collusion Story with special Guest Stephen Pidgeon, 2012 Attorney General Candidate for Washington State: Trump's attorney explains how the Mueller Special Council is an unconstitutional investigation. Mueller's conflict of interest is exposed with his participation in the Clinton Uranium One scandal. Mueller delivered the uranium to Moscow. Comey's involvement in ISIS activites in Syria is also exposed. Clinton declared her nomination as presidential candidate before the California votes were counted, where Bernie Sanders overwhelmingly won. Hillary's popularity was manufactured with paid actors. She lost the election because she is a terrible candidate. John McCain is a chief war monger that is a key player, with photographic evidence, in founding and training ISIS. The Mueller probe evidences the greatest kind of corruption within America. Attorney Pidgeon believes that President Trump should form a full force task force to investigate election crimes to expose corrupt leadership. Steve admits his error in backing Sessions to be appointed as US AG.

The Current American Revolution with special Guest Stephen Pidgeon, 2012 Attorney General Candidate for Washington State: Stephen shares about what his priorities would have been if he had been successfully elected to the Washington State Attorney General's Office. He speaks of the recent rogue nature of the Washington legislature and the current AG not holding them in check procedurally. The Washington State AG levied an $800K fine against a business owner because they mentioned that they might not service a same-sex marriage and was unanimously overturned by the US Supreme Court for summarily attempting block President Trump's immigration policy. Stephen ties George H.W. Bush to a fourth Reich/NWO that is leading a revolution to overthrow the Republic of America and nations around the world. The rest of the world looks at America as a sinful nation and they are renouncing much of the ideology being foisted upon them by the US. Nations that America has attacked are listed as nations wanting to keep their sovereignty against the governance of a fourth Reich. We are the victims of an aggressive, progressive, liberal ideology that is overthrowing the Protestant ethic that built this country; if you don't work, you don't eat. Those that want socialism should be told to look at Venezuela and the rest of Latin America that are directed by the Catholic Church. Trump Is holding European allies and Canada to account in spending their fair share for national defense instead of burdening the US. The Club of Rome regionalized the world into ten divisions for Socialist/Communist rule. Trump is telling the rest of the world that has been raiding the piggy bank of the US economy that the free ride is over and since he has done this, they want to kill him. The presidency of Barack Obama has done more to destabilize and destroy America and other nations ever. Stephen goes on to tell about Obama's lawless persona. Obama tried to put an education system in place that embraced, Marxism, socialism and communism. Eight years of education under Obama can vastly influence a wide sector of the population to accept socialistic ideology to get everything for nothing. Obama appointed AGs were racist criminals. The goal of sexual immorality is to achieve child molestation and child sacrifice. Same-sex advocates have admitted that the goal wasn't same-sex marriage, but to destroy the altar of marriage. People that say you can't legislate morality don't understand that all legislation is a form of morality. Which God/god are you going to serve? The Southern Poverty Law Center is actually a hate group that has been sued many times for their unbridled hate speech. ANTIFA is exposed to be teachers that are violent, hard core, Marxist/communists. ANTIFA turns violent against anyone that expresses any ideas that they don't agree with. Steve tells how Universities and public school HR Departments select and monitor educators against conservative ideology.

Adalia Dorcas Peace - Brokenness: Brokenness is a stage of surrender, defeat and torn within. Brokenness is the time when we can have our greatest growth as we look to God for His comfort and refining. Brokenness comes when we realize that our circumstances are beyond our abilities to change or remedy. This forces us to deal with our pride. It is essential to come before God in worship, repentance and to seek for His guidance. When we grow in brokenness we can become aware of the needs of others around us with understanding to help meet their needs with compassion. The condition of brokenness allows you to become a vessel/channel through whom God can minister to other people. Dr. Hansen tells how he had to allow his pride to be broken to permit God to move within him with power. Brokenness will change how you view things and your mindset to be more compassionate and forgiving. Adalia shares how she has been broken many times in her life and has grown to allow these time to be for her refinement without resistance and rebellion. She has learned to follow a path placed before her by God because it's His will and not hers. She shares how she is empathetic, with deep compassion, towards orphans because of her own personal experience as such. Going through trials and circumstances permits us to identify with those going through like situations to minister more effectively. Trials and hardships are used by God to help us deny self-will and pride to become humble and reliant on Him. We need to allow God to speak to us through events in our lives to learn humility and be used by Him.