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The Science of Judgment (Book)

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(By Dr. Jonathan Hansen)

Table of Contents     
Endorsements   5
About the Author   12
Introduction   13
Part One – The Science of Judgment   
Chapter One The Laws Regarding Prophecy and Judgment 19
Chapter Two Patterns of Apostasy 27
Chapter Three Purpose of Chastisement 35
Chapter Four Standards for Justice and Mercy 43
Chapter Five God Forgives When People Repent 51
Chapter Six God Holds Nations Responsible for What Leaders Do 59
Chapter Seven Parental Responsibility 69
Chapter Eight The Feasts of the Lord 75
Chapter Nine Solomon’s Transgressions and Their Consequences 81
Chapter Ten Righteous Kings versus Evil Kings 89
Chapter Eleven Example of King Jehoshaphat 97
Chapter Twelve Ungodly Alliances 107
Chapter Thirteen God Is Predictable 115
Chapter Fourteen God Holds People Accountable 121
Chapter Fifteen Man Can Turn Into an Intelligent Beast to Do Evil 129
Part Two – The Deception of the Theory of Evolution   
Chapter Sixteen Problems with the Theory of Evolution 139
Chapter Seventeen Evolution and Racism 147
Chapter Eighteen Darwin’s Hatred of Christianity and Its Fruit 155
Part Three – Why Must There Be Judgment?   
Chapter Nineteen The Fall of America and Her Destruction 165
Chapter Twenty Cult Christianity 185
Chapter Twenty-One Radical Liberal Politics 193
Part Four – Kings, Dictators and Presidents  
Chapter Twenty-Two People Choose Their Nation’s Leaders 209
Chapter Twenty-Three Qualifications for Godly Leadership 215
Chapter Twenty-Four Romans 13 Delegated Authority 221
Chapter Twenty-Five Satan is in Charge of This World, Not Jesus 227
Chapter Twenty-Six If Laws Violate Conscience, We Must Disobey 233
Part Five – So, What Must We Do?   
Chapter Twenty-Seven We Are in a Cultural War 243
Chapter Twenty-Eight Our Responsibility to a Hostile Government 253
Chapter Twenty-Nine The Christians’ Science of Judgment 261
Summary   273
Pictorial History of World Ministries International 275
Biography   299
End Notes   305


God is predictable.  There is scientific pattern for the rise and fall of nations throughout history.   There are reasons and explanations why 9/11 and Katrina happened.  As with all rules of laws from God, whether it be gravity, electricity, momentum, mathematics, or biological laws that govern diseases such as cancer, they are always true.  We need to understand the laws, or the rules of design, regarding prophecy and judgment.  Once we understand these God-given laws, then we can ignore denominational controversy and just accept the facts based on the Science of Judgment and prophecy.  We become seekers of truth, for only truth makes up the law of judgment.  In mathematics, four plus three equals seven, whether a student agrees or disagrees.  Similarly, if there is a consistent interpretation of prophecy which follows God's laws of design, then whether one is a member of a certain denomination or not, the outcome remains the same.  When it comes to the laws of judgment and prophecy, denominational or personal belief systems have nothing to do with the reality or the certainty of the rule of judgment.

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