"Transforming a Nation" - Dr. Hansen spoke for Bishop Mark Kariuki at the 2018 Deliverance Church Conference for Bishops and Pastors in Nakuru, Kenya June 6, 2018 - Part 1

CODE: DVD081718


A brief segment of worship shows the size of this gathering. Leadership is critical for the blessing or deterioration of a nation. The church has the responsibility to restore the nations under God. The church must be restored to the mission and method that Jesus and the apostles led. The church must return to its original form. Dr. Hansen meets with heads of government and the church as an apostolic/prophetic ambassador of Jesus. If the church doesn't unite to vote kingdom values instead of along ethnic and tribal lines, Kenya is damned. It's up to the church to bring righteousness and revival to the nation. If church leaders have hidden sin, it's time to repent. The WMI orientation is shown. An intimate relationship with God will cause us to care for people as Jesus. Do not lose hope but hang on to the promises of God. Our war is with spiritual wickedness in high places controlled by Satan. The enemies of Jesus Christ hate Kenya and seek to destroy the nation. Dr. Hansen meets with many leaders of nations with prophecies from God. God used Dr. Hansen to expose two traitors in the cabinet of Kenya's former President, Daniel Moi. Photos of: Bishop Mark Kariuki, the church and 2,000 bishops, pastors, and their spouses; Dr. Hansen with different world leaders; Dr. Hansen's prophecy to Kenya and its five bullet points.