"Transforming a Nation" - Dr. Hansen spoke for Bishop Mark Kariuki at the 2018 Deliverance Church Conference for Bishops and Pastors in Nakuru, Kenya June 6, 2018 - Part 2

CODE: DVD082418


Dr. Hansen shares testimonies of the Holy Spirit giving him knowledge to confront: a leading bishop about his adultery and theft; members of the Burundi Parliament about their sins of murder. God still uses men and women today to change nations. An intimate relationship with God gives people Holy Spirit power to speak with His authority to confront leaders. We must tarry in spending time with God in His Word and prayer to gain His authority and power. Christians are carriers of the goodness of God and we carry it everywhere we go. God's goodness leads us to repent. We must see and receive God's goodness in order to release it. Dr. Hansen gives examples of sharing God's goodness with people. In order for repentance to come, bishops and pastors must teach people to see, receive and release God's goodness. Don't give up hope; it's the anchor of the soul. The gospel of Jesus is anchored in hope. Hope has the power to provide tenacity of purpose. If you don't lose hope, visions can come to pass. Hope is knowing that God is always the Victor. Hope in God is the greatest gift we can offer people. Photos of: the conference venue full of bishops, pastors and their spouses; Dr. Hansen's prophecy to Kenya and its fifth bullet point; Dr. Hansen with a Burundi Ambassador to the UN; a Burundi President and Vice President.